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1. Bekins Van Lines, Inc. - Marion County

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Bekins Van Lines, Inc.
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Address: 8010 Castleton Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue

Telephone: (463) 208-4253

Business type: Mover

Bekins Van Lines, Inc.: what do users think?
Rich McArdle: Immediately felt comfortable having Adam from NL Moving not only call me direct but met me in-person several times at my home to review the logistics of move and create the quote. Very professional and responsive, unlike the out of town outfits that honestly felt a bit suspect. Personal interaction with Bekins was huge comfort to me.
Ray McKenzie: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessThe service from Bekins was very poor! Not only did they damage my items, they paid only for a small fraction of what they damaged. The packing and unloading workers are from a third party company, which were terrible. Several items were stolen and the company refused to cover the costs. Do NOT use Bekin for your moving needs!
Ron Stodden: Positive:Professionalism
Yasie Kane: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessThe driver was prompt and very helpful
John McCloud: Positive:Professionalism,Responsiveness,Value
Catherine McHugh: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueMcGuire Moving made moving out-of-state less stressful! Dispatch was beyond fast in response to questions/concerns. The Crew was respectful, fast, clean, and friendly. Would use them again in a heartbeat! It truly helped to have the 'familiar faces' at the beginning and end.
Donald Reed: Positive:ProfessionalismThe move overall went very well. Good coordination at the pickup location in NM and a good job moving into our new location in WA. Overall costs were lower than estimated and was a good value. No complaints throughout the process.
John Beckerman: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueTranstar Moving was exceptional! They were helpful, easy to deal with, and took very good care of our stuff. Mark, Corey, Scott and Conor were punctual, efficient and very careful. 6th moving experience we’ve had in almost 50 years and by far the best! I would use them again in a heartbeat.
Afua Baako: Positive:Professionalism,Quality
James Fine: We used Maffucci Storage (Bekins) to move from New York to San Diego. Very professional and competitively priced. From answering questions, packing, pick-up and unloading Maffucci/Bekins made the move seamless.
David Fitzwater: We highly recommend them. Very professional and good value. They made our move less stressful.Thanks.
Ian Duffield: Positive:ProfessionalismLong distance moving team were very professional and helpful. They handled my move very well add were easy to work with.
janet reisner: Great experience! Moving sucks so at least this part of the experience was great!
Stephen Tuosto: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueEverything went as planned expeditiously handled
Patty Fitzpatrick: Positive:Professionalism,Responsiveness
Cathy George: This was our first move by a professional moving company and it turned out to be perfect in every way. O'Brien Moving and Storage was our local contact team and they were amazing. The entire process from beginning to end was professional, on time, on quote, and our possessions were expertly packed, stored, and delivered in perfect condition. Communications with both O'Brien's and Bekins was efficient, courteous, and timely. My husband and I cannot say enough about what a great experience this was and we highly recommend both O'Brien's Moving and Storage and Bekins. The two companies provide the best customer service we've ever experienced.
Mark Palladino: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueBekins did a fantastic job with our move. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Great job and thank you for making the process flawless.
Renee Cannon: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueProRelo Moving and Storage in Albuquerque, NM was excellent from the estimate to the long distance move. Highly recommend them. Ivan, who was our packer, loader, unloader and driver was the best!!!!.
Jeff Speziale: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueI had an excellent moving experience. Everyone involved was efficient, polite, professional and responsive.
Christopher Larsen: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueBekins in Las Vegas was awesome to work with. From the quote to the packing and storage, excellent service. Albert on your team is outstanding. He was incredibly helpful! The move went just as planned and smooth. It was our second time using Bekins, and we highly recommend them!

2. U-Pack - Marion County

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Address: 1260 Terminal Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217

Telephone: (844) 611-4582

Business type: Mover

U-Pack: what do users think?
Sai Yesaswy Mylavarapu: After we planned everything to load into our relocube, they informed me at the last minute that they cannot deliver the cube to my home until a week due to some equipment problem. Even the customer care didn't offer any help to resolve this or provide alternative help for bringing it to my home.I had to vacate my apartment in a couple of days and I didn't had any choice. So, I rented a uhaul truck and hired some moving help to load my stuff into the container at the service center directly. I had to spend 400 dollars to make this all happen in a day.
Jonas Tuck: Overall, we liked using U-Pack/ABF Freight to transport our belongings from CA to IN. For the most part, no major items arrived damaged (we’re still unpacking boxes) and the shipped trailer actually beat us to the destination by arriving to our new city in 4 days. We also liked the tracking feature they offer and each driver we met was extremely nice and helpful. However, the ABF dispatch in Fontana, CA wasn’t great at setting expectations and kept misadvising us as to exactly ‘when’ the driver would be dropping off our trailer the first time. We kept being told “they’ll be there within the hour” or “they’re on their way now and will be there within minutes”. Yet unfortunately, the driver didn’t arrive until well outside the estimated drop-off time and we spent most of the day waiting around for them in vain. Didn’t really feel like our time was valued that day. Glad that our other experiences with ABF were a lot better. *Tip for all future movers: To prevent the likelihood of black grease or dirt getting on your belongings, put down some Ram Board paper on the floor of the trailer. You can find it at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. We received this tip from someone and it worked wonders. We also cleaned the inside walls of the trailer before loading it with our things.
Atmaja Oak: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueTerrible service. U pack does not honor their time commitments and do not inform if their delivery/pick up is getting delayed. Service is very slow. Do not recommend this at all.
Matt Boutell: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueVery good communication throughout. Excellent value. It's just like U-Haul (meaning you are responsible for packing), except you don't have to drive, and while it costs more than U-Haul, it's not as much more as you'd think - far cheaper than most moving companies, and their service is still great. Highly recommend.
Timothy Mulkey: I highly recommend U-Pack. The cubes were delivered when stated. They were prompt and courteous at every step of the move. The packing and unpacking took a little longer than anticipated, but that did not create any problem with U-Pack. The delivery did take 2 days longer than originally stated, but that was not a significant problem. It would have been helpful if information concerning the type of internal tie-downs was given since I purchased nylon rope initially but bungy cords were more appropriate. The capacity of the cubes was greater than I anticipated, so there was no difficulty having sufficient space for the items I was moving, plus a few items which I moved just because of the additional space. I would recommend U-Pack to anyone making a move because they were professional, convenient, courteous and made the move very successful.
Mike Dickson: Had a good experience overall. There were 2 things that keep me from giving 5 stars. They are:1. The bulkheads had bent medal rods that made putting them up difficult. And then trailer door was bent too which made closing the trailer challenging.2. We moved in February. Our trailer got stuck in transit fir a couple extra business days. This was due to ABF getting overbooked. My guess is they were overbooked from various third party companies booking all at once. They told me they had as much freight as they do in the summer. So they were falling bet I d schedule. I felt it a little unprofessional to allow themselves to get overbooked.Despite these 2 things, I would still say I had a good experience. Everything else went smoothly. We did use our own straps which are pretty much necessary. Things would have for sure broken without them. And you need 2 locks for the bulkheads and an exterior lock of your own.Would use them again.
Brian Steinkamp: I used U-Pack to move from Indy to Tampa Florida, 5 cubes and nothing but great customer service, honest billing up front before we signed, easy delivery, driver put the cubes exactly where we wanted them at both houses, I will say for most people I read some comments and its on how you or I stack our units, I packed everything nice and snug and everything arrived without an issue. thank you for helping us move.
Enjoy All these things: Great customer service. Thanks, Monet! We can hardly wait to receive our boxes!
Kelly Wallace: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueUsed UPack to move from Indy to Austin. They were extremely easy to work with and extremely reliable with their estimates. Will definitely use again in the future.
Doug Wendell: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueSuch a great experience. We were between several “container” companies. So glad we chose UPack. Customer service was great, delivery was on time, communication was excellent. Will use again if needed and will easily recommend.Service:Interstate moving
Lisa Halbert: When setting up our reservation we were told NOT to pay for the guaranteed arrival date. It was explained it doesn’t get it to you any faster AND in looking at our time frame 5-7 days it would certainly be here when we were wanting it guaranteed (and I recall the rep saying it really doesn’t “guarantee” anything anyway!?). So, our cube was picked up 2/17/21 with an estimated arrival of 5-7 days. The shipment reached the yard today 3/1 and cannot be delivered until 3/2/21. The shipment was marked “hot” enroute (thank goodness)! Certainly outside the “estimated 5-7 days” and freight doesn’t move on the weekend we have now learned.We HAVE used ABF previously and they were FANTASTIC both other times. The corporate office DID compensate us $150 on a $1386 pod. However, being relocated temporarily, living in an apartment with lawn chairs and cardboard boxes for tables is getting super old! We would MUCH rather have our things TODAY than the $150!Service:Interstate moving
D.C. Billman: Critical:Professionalism,QualityThe listing says they do local and state to state moves, but when I called the guy said only state to state moves
Nick Muir: We moved from Las Vegas to Indiana this year and it was so easy using U-Pack. We have moved cross country numerous times and this was by far the easiest. Packing the pods is different than packing a truck because you have to stack higher, but we were able to fit our entire move into the recommended cubes. The drivers were both very nice and timely in their pickup and dropoff. Our belongings were all in great shape upon arrival to Indiana. Lastly, the price was very comparable to renting a truck...even cheaper when you factor in the cost of gas. I hope I'm never doing a long distance move again, but if I do I will use U-Pack.Service:Interstate moving
shirley kelly: U-pack provided excellent service to ship my household items from Mid-Western USA to Canada. Scheduling, trailer drop-off, pickup, delivery, storage for 2 weeks due to COVID 19 self-quarantine and changing final destination address was handled reliably, dependably and courteously. Great service at an affordable price. I will definitely use them again for international moves.Services:Senior moving,Moving-related storage
Hisham Benotman: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Responsiveness,ValueTruck arrived andoand picked up on time in both loading and unloading. Truck drivers and customer service are the best. Price was reasonable as well.
Stephanie May: We had an excellent experience with U-Pack for our move. We had scheduled delivery of the trailer on Wednesday with a pickup on Monday. Though they weren't exactly in the windows they said, they delivered and picked up on those days as expected. The interior of the trailer wasn't what I would say was 'clean and neat,' but it wasn't bad or how some reviews commented on the interior. I have seen other moving brands with equal and less inviting interiors. Our move was ~700 miles and it arrived within an acceptable amount of time, well within their communicated window of delivery expectation. Based on their recommendations we made sure to use extra tie-downs and boards for bulkhead support to help keep things from shifting during transport.From a personnel perspective everyone we talked to and interacted with were extremely pleasant and professional. Call center folks answered promptly and provided thorough explanations of any questions or processes we had questions about. We talked to 2 of the 3 drivers, and both were incredible! They were very thorough with explaining how the process worked, and made sure we were happy with all elements of the process (trailer placement for loading/unloading, explanations and assistance for using the trailer and bulkhead).Hopefully we won't need to make a long distance move again, but based on our experience with U-Pack they will be my first choice because of the pricing and our overall experience!
Cinnamon Gallatin: We had a great experience with U-Pack. Great customer service! The truck was delivered on time with no issue and it was the right size. They even responded to a last minute change. I was surprised by the $225 fee for a guaranteed delivery date. Thought that was a bit steep. However, I think it is a great overall value for the service. We also had trouble installing the bulkhead after the truck was loaded. It was not easy to maneuver.
Chelsea Brackman: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ValueUpack was a great company to use for a long distance move. They were reliable, professional, and worked with storage options. Highly recommend!
John Sickels: The best review one can give is one where the customer will return and recommend a particular good, service or business. Without a doubt, I would recommend U-Pack. I must give a very positive shout-out to the teams, particularly the dispatchers in Indianapolis and Milwaukee. Despite the challenges that the Covid-19 has created, U-Pack delivered on time and with dedication to their customer. John and Paul in Indy were extremely helpful. Mike and Mark in Milwaukee were great. Our drivers, Ken (Wisconsin) and Cathy (Indiana) placed our trailers in the perfect spot. Our two trailers containing our household goods left Columbus, Indiana on the evening May 26th. On the evening of the 29th, our empty trailers were pulled out of our driveway in Wisconsin. No damage! If I ever need this type of service again, I am using ABF (America's Best Freight) again! You can bank on that.
Rakesh Goswami: It was smooth experience when we moved the tracking mechanism is fantastic there was so much peace of mind with Upack. Loved there service.
Molly Cheviron: U-pack showed up within the timeframe they said and they had expert advice on where to place the PODS. I used two for a two bedroom apartment move from Indy to Denver. They arrived within a week of pick-up and all of our things were just where we left them. I wouldn't use any other moving service if I'm trying to save money and move long distance. Everyone we spoke with for ABF/U-Pack were very polite and helpful.

3. College Movers & Junk Hauling - Marion County

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43 reviews
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College Movers & Junk Hauling
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Address: 55 S State Ave #389, Indianapolis, IN 46201

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue

Telephone: (812) 228-8300

Business type: Mover

College Movers & Junk Hauling: what do users think?
Tangie Shirely: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThey made my move easy and affordable. So professional and fast! Best movers I’ve ever hired.
Nicholas Bush: Reasonable pricing and quality work. These guys were great!
Sierra Rainey: I highly recommend you read this review in full, but if you cannot, here is the overarching statement: College Movers provides service that can be equated to 2 of your college friends who have a big truck and a toolbox helping you move. I recommend using your friends, as then you’d only be paying them in pizza and beer, and their goofing off doesn’t result in a huge bill you’re inevitably responsible for.I enlisted College Movers to assist me with moving the assets of my 1-bedroom apartment to a location 16 minutes away. My medium-sized move consisted of 2 college-aged men transporting my items as well as dismounting a 55-inch television and taking apart my queen-sized bed frame.I chose them because of the reviews, and my satisfaction with the quotes I was given. However, I quickly learned that "professional" and "college" don't necessarily belong in the same statement, at least when it comes to a service of this nature.My movers arrived at my property on time, and began to load my items immediately. I was pleased by the efficiency. The lead man shared they would be done loading items within 90 minutes. 20 minutes later, I left to complete a move-in appointment at the new property.I returned to the apartment approximately 90 minutes later, and I realized I should have never left. I was surprised to find that the move had not been complete (I had called prior to returning, but the movers did not answer). In fact, the loading took nearly another 2 hours. It became obvious that at some point while I was gone, progress began to slow down and the men acted far less efficiently without me monitoring them. One obvious source of inefficiency is the fact that my TV was being dismounted using a hand screwdriver. My TV had been professionally mounted using a drill, so it was painful to watch this young man slowly unscrew each nail knowing that I was paying for every minute. Even worse, he struggled to get some of the screws out of the wall, and I watched him just rip the mount off, damaging the wall. Bye bye security deposit.After the loading was finally completed, the men told me they had to make a stop before arriving at the new location. I was fine with this. I assumed that that time would not be added onto my bill at the end (spoiler alert, it was). I didn’t leave my old property until 20 minutes after the College Movers truck pulled away. When I arrived at the new property another 20 minutes later, the men STILL weren’t there. I had to wait ANOTHER 20 MINUTES. ALL OF THIS TIME WAS INCORPORATED INTO THE FINAL BILL.However, I did not make a fuss, as I was still under the belief that they would not include the “personal” time they were taking into my bill. Unloading began, and let me tell you, I should be on the payroll for College Movers. Because there were only two of them, I had to run up and down the stairs and/or elevator to hold open doors and make sure random people weren’t going up to the truck. I even carried in quite a few of my belongings. These young men were having animated conversation and did not seem to respect the fact that I was paying for every second. It’s not that I resented the fact they were socializing; true professionals do not discuss personal matters in front of the client while on the job, especially when their actions result in inefficiency. I think they felt comfortable doing this because I am obviously a young woman around their age and fairly soft-spoken.Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours later, my move was complete, and my final bill was OVER TWICE THE AMOUNT OF THE HIGH-END QUOTE I WAS GIVEN. This was absolutely unacceptable. I called the office to discuss my issues, and I was told that they would get back to me after they discussed the situation with my movers. It’s over 2 weeks later, and I have not heard a thing. On top of that, I have minor damage on some of my items, and the young men did not unwrap everything. I shared this experience with my colleagues, and they all agreed I was robbed.
Jeffrey Bishop: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ValueGreat job. I've moved 6 times in the last 12 years and this was by far the best job I've ever had. Fast, efficient, and were extremely polite and caring. Highly recommend.
Jake Burns: Positive:Professionalism,ResponsivenessGreat job and timely!
Denise Sloan: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThis was an awesome experience. Guys did a great job..loaded and unloaded in a short amount of time. Very polite and professional. Would recommend and will use again.
Heather England: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThe two guys that showed up for my job were very friendly, worked quickly and knew what they we’re doing! This was my first time using a moving company and it could not have gone better!!
jessica self: Positive:ResponsivenessThe young men who moved me were on-time and great workers! The company had a quick turn around time as my moving needs changed and I decided on movers instead of moving myself—they were flexible with my time and provided communication frequently via text and email. Highly recommend!
Nicholas Roberts: Positive:Professionalism,ValueCollege movers were quick and efficient and very reasonably priced. Very professional
Michelle Ferguson: The were fast and efficient. Would recommend
Demond Young: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueMan! These guys & Gals are the real deal! They showed up 10 minutes before our scheduled time and got right to work. They didn’t try to milk the clock at all! They were fast! Also they showed up to the moving destination in a timely manner as well! Definitely recommend these guys & Gals
Sarah Crider: The guys were great! They were timely and hard working! They cared about what they were doing. I would definitely use them again.My only complaint and the reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because I felt like a lot of my stuff was either broken or scrambled around when it arrived. I had an old lamp broken (which I could care less about), but the wooden slats in my chest of drawers were broken making the drawer unable to move in and out. I feel like they did the best they could do with the man power they had. I am not sure if this was an organizational issue when the furniture was packed in the truck for moving, or if it was because they didn’t have the man power to move things smoothly.However, as I said, they were efficient and moved everything quickly so as to not drag out the time. I felt like they took their job’s seriously and were trustworthy. I am so grateful for their help! Not to mention the total price was worth the help to move, compared to the outrageous price I was quoted by another company! Would recommend!
Mary J: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThe two young men that came to move me were excellent in manner & quick!Clean cut, professionals.....Very personable and did a great job for less than 2 Men and a truck was going to charge!Services:Senior moving,Local moving
Kaitlyn Christian: I’ve used College Movers twice, and both times they have done a fantastic job! Punctual, professional, and quick!Service:In-state moving
Theresa Doud: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThey were great! Fit everything in the truck and worked very quickly and efficiently. Very reasonably priced. Would recommend!Service:In-state moving
Kelsey Verbarg: Service:In-state movingPositive:Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Juwann Williams: Positive:QualityAlways on time. Super positive people. 5 stars
Lucy Hammerschmitt: Service:Oversized-item movingPositive:Professionalism,Quality,Value
Shawn Fagan: I had a good experience with College Movers. They showed up promptly on time and the cost was exactly as quoted. There was minimal / no damage to any of my furniture (nothing I wouldn't expect as typical for a move). They packed up the truck quickly and managed to squeeze everything in. They unpacked just as fast and were helpful placing larger items in specific rooms. I'd definitely recommend them for a painless (as painless as moving can be) experience.Services:In-state moving,Local moving
Elishia Hendricks: Service:Local movingPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness
Laura Ecker: Services:Moving-related junk removal,Oversized-item movingPositive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Responsiveness,Value

4. Sebastian Moving Indianapolis - Marion County

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Sebastian Moving Indianapolis
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Address: 7305 E 19th St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Telephone: (317) 209-6734

Business type: Mover

Sebastian Moving Indianapolis: what do users think?
Caitlin Rogers: My museum hired Mel and his crew to work on multiple projects. They were always professional, careful and worked very quickly. They recently moved me out of state to a third floor apartment, they worked incredibly fast and very carefully.
Christi Wright: Mel and his partner were quick and efficent. They were in and out my husband's and I home within 30 minutes, and we had a sectional to unload on the second floor. Paid for two hours but they only needed 30, but honestly the money that was paid was well deserved and we would pay it all over again. Most importantly, I sent in a request for movers at 7:30pm Mel called me by 8pm and was at our home by 10:00am the next day!Services:Oversized-item moving,Interstate moving
esty levitansky: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThey were absolutely incredible! Fast, efficient and very friendly! I felt like they went above and beyond what was expected. Very pleased with the experience.
Alisha Madden: The crew got to my home on time and immediately got to work. They were very professional, thorough, and efficient. They moved with a sense of urgency yet were quite considerate when handling my belongings, nothing was damaged,dropped, forgotten. They were friendly and polite throughout the whole move. I would definitely recommend this company!! Great value for the price. Moving is hard, but the made it an extremely smooth process.
Melinda Elzy: Professional! Hard working guys! Handled furniture and household items with care! They used extra care and Wrapped, boxed and packed valuables and fragile items safely! Made moving my belongings a breeze...what could have been a nightmare move was done with such organized expertise! I can't say enough about how excellent this experience was! I would most definitely recommend this company for any local or long distant moves!

5. Norms Moving & Hauling - Marion County

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40 reviews
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Norms Moving & Hauling
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Address: 2176 N Meridian St b, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (317) 912-2137

Business type: Mover

Norms Moving & Hauling: what do users think?
Derek Harlow: Great communication before the move and during scheduling. The precall the day before was very helpful and very appreciated. We hired 3 movers to move our apartment to our new home and the guys were very professional and friendly. Everything got to where it needed to be safely and in one piece. They were extremely efficient and quick and did not waste their time or ours. The price was extremely fair. I would absolutely use them again and would recommend them to anyone else that asks.
Patti Morris: Positive:Professionalism,Responsiveness,ValueThe crew showed up on time and worked so hard moving all of our furniture and boxes! This is the third time we have used them and they have never disappointed
Valerie Cavanaugh: TLDR: did not show up when scheduled. Stopped responding/answering calls when I asked the status.I hired Norms based on a recommendation from a relative who has used them before without reading current reviews. BIG MISTAKE. They never showed up. I called when they were 15 minutes past the window just to check and Kasey said she would call to see where the team was and call me back. She never called back. I tried calling her several times and she sent my calls to voicemail. Horribly unprofessional!!
Glenn Adams: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness
Sandy Collins: The 2 that showed up were great. They moved 80% of the stuff on the hottest day ofthe year. However I was told one time for start , and came 1.5 hours late, was told 4 guys for the price to be paid, only 2 showed up , was not given a discount on hourly rate like promised either. At the move into 2 younger showed up and did not do much at all. I would not under any circumstances recommend Norms moving.
Theylove Makyla: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Natascha Lauzon: SCAMMER ALERT!THEY DOUBLED THE QUOTED PRICE THE DAY BEFORE THE MOVE. So I was left on my own with 16 hours notice. They claimed that there was more to move than what was described (this is false, although the lady that booked it did not quote it the way that the driver would want - I know this is true because the driver called me to try to change the price before he even saw my stuff). Changing the quote was weird to me because they quoted an hourly rate anyway. If there was a lot of stuff, then it would have just been a longer move. I ended up getting someone else and they loaded in 1.5 hours and unloaded in 1 hour. I booked Norm’s because of the good reviews but they must be fake reviews. I would not recommend doing business with them.Service:Local moving
Gemayla Mozee: They were very professional. The men moved my things with care and patience. They were very kind and understanding. I called one day and they came the next! I wasn’t quite ready and they waited for me to gets things together. I was very impressed with their professionalism and kindness I even tipped them $50 a piece. I didn’t have much stuff to move. I would call Norms Moving and Hauling the next time I move for sure! Thanks again Norms Moving and Hauling!
Ellen Mathia: This business is a gem. The men showed up early, they handled a furniture move of couches and loveseats from one home in Fishers to another in Irvington on Indianapolis' east side, and they were incredibly professional. I still can't believe watching them take a long, heavy, wide couch around a very short corner with an enclosed staircase in front of an entryway, and fitting it all through successfully and without skipping a beat. Price was the most competitive of several firms I checked with. Norm's Moving will be my go-to movers and haulers from now on!Services:Local moving,Oversized-item moving
Allison Ford: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,Responsiveness,ValueI was absolutely amazed. Two people moved an 8 ft glass display case down a flight of stairs. I couldn’t do it with 4! They were professional and personable and were able to show up in a pinch. Will use them again.Service:Oversized-item moving
Emily Sell: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,QualityPleasant and efficient service. Highly recommend.The guys showed up on time and handled everything with care. Will 100% use again!!Service:Local moving
Kathleen Clary: Not great. Appointment scheduled at 9am didn’t show up until after 1pm. The mover mysteriously received a text from the lady who answers the phone that I canceled when I in fact did not. I even reached out the prior day to confirm and the lady who answers the phone assured my appointment was on the schedule. No one bothered to answer my calls or return my calls, texts, emails. Move went smoothly once they got there. The 2 guys moving were very nice and helpful.
rachael holliday: Positive:Professionalism,Punctuality,QualityFlexible with the time I needed. Loaded and unloaded my stuff fast. Took care of my stuff like it was there own.
Shelby Eaton: Critical:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueDO NOT HIRE!!!!! They did not show up the day of our move & we were unable to contact them OR get our deposit back. Horrible service.
Adam Reichle: Critical:Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueWe scheduled these movers weeks ago and confirmed yesterday. TODAY THEY WERE NO CALL, NO SHOW, AND DID NOT PICK UP THE PHONE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
Shaunah Wheeler: They showed up on time but the way they treated their employees was so sad. Also after the move I’ve found a lot of things scratched and broken:( FYI they do not wrap any furniture. Beware if you use them to know things will get scratched and damaged
Jordan Garcia: Positive:Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Jenell Garcia: Positive:Punctuality,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueWill hire again very disturbed by the bad reviews i have zero issues with this company they did a wonderful job and i recommend them to all my family and friends
family first: Not reliable.

6. CubeSmart Self Storage - Carmel

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78 reviews
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CubeSmart Self Storage
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Address: 9750 N Michigan Rd, Carmel, IN 46032

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Tue

Telephone: (317) 249-8006

Business type: Moving and storage service

CubeSmart Self Storage: what do users think?
Mark Frye: Nice Place, Nice People, GREAT Service!
Amanda Griggs: Nice and clean. They have a lot of security in and around the building so I feel safe going there on my own.
Steve Atkinson: Amazingly professional team, clean facility, super easy “virtual” on-boarding/setup. They run this ship TIGHT!
Sam Hipple: Signature storage is incredible. I have never posted a review prior to this one but the facility, owner, and staff provide such a distinguished service compared to the other self storage companies, that I feel these 5 stars are more than earned!It’s the most uniquely convenient, secure, and cleanest place you could possibly store your items. Where else could you drive directly into your storage unit’s building so that you never have to load in the heat or cold weather? And it doesn’t just stop there! Signature storage goes above and beyond in all expectations AND with competitive prices, you’ll find out quickly that they’re the easy choice.
Laurie Jasinski: Service, clean, temperature regulated. Any questions or concerns were always answered quickly and specific. Great managers at site!
Leslie Whitesell: Jimmy Wolfe couldn't have provided better customer service if he'd tried! Polite, attentive, un-rushed assistance from him made the experience great. Definitely recommend.
Lisa Kellum: The facility location is very convenient to me to access. The entry and exit to the facility was easy. The carts were ready and available for use to unload my vehicle. And the facility is very clean. The music is a great touch. Love it!
Zack Lathan: The storage unit was very clean and had carts to help with the move. Jimmy was a very big help too when it came to check-in, check out, and any thing in between. Would highly recommend this CubeSmart location to any in need of a storage unit.
Joseph Lewis: This place has lighting, windows, and music. Goodbye dingy storage atmosphere! This place is a game changer for storage.
Lacy Wooden: I believe the gentleman’s name was Jimmy. He was kind and was available for any questions. Easy set up and closing.
Jared Owens: Quick & Easy setup. Unit is very clean and fits what I need. Mr Wolfe is a nice representative. Thanks!
Cynthia Couchman: very clean, i feel safe and the staff is nice and helpful.The bad is the price is a bit high
drew ament: Staff was always helpful and Access was always available.
Kelli Stieglitz: SUCH a wonderful experience overall. The management was beyond professional and so helpful during my move-in & move-out process. The facility/storage unit were both so nice and clean at all times. If you have expensive & meaningful furniture/items, this is definitely the best place to store them for long/short periods of time. Thank you!
Shawnna Parmeter: Staff is very professional and helpful. Very clean storage facility compared to others we've used over the years. Will always use this facility.
Peter Fellegy: Professional on site management, great, clean facility w/ environmentally controlled space in the main bldg!Special recognition goes to Mr. Jimmy Wolfe for being helpful each time we needed space!!
Keisha Taylor: Super friendly and helpful staff and an extremely clean and safe location would be worthy of a five-star review by itself, but those are not the reasons for such a high rating. It’s a small gesture, but the thoughtfulness of making the lock I purchased with the unit easy to open! The package was pre-cut for me and such a small touch just goes to show how important the customer experience is to this location. I’m big on great customer service, and I can truly say something that small has a huge impact on how I see this location!
Nola Renner: Sherri was exceptional in setting us all up as we were relocating from Chicago. The facility is spotless, easy to navigate and completely safe! HIGHLY recommend using this storage unit, we loved it!
Cynthia Bir: The manager, Jimmy is super friendly and went above & beyond to help us with our code, show us how to access everything and answer all of our questions! It is a very secure facility. It’s nice& new! Super clean!
Sean Bandas: Impeccable facility and very professional staff.
Rachel Sorensen: Great facility, so clean and safe feeling! Everyone at the office was always kind and accommodating!

7. Extra Space Storage - Marion County

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Extra Space Storage
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Address: 9499 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (317) 662-2568

Business type: Moving and storage service

Extra Space Storage: what do users think?
J L: I have used this storage location 3 times in the past 5 years and I'm grateful for the location and customer service.
Uriel Munar: I am so satisfied with extra space storage this place is awesome and I highly recommend it. Clean, secure and excellent customer service Lydia Hodapp is the best! Thank you for your great service as always! 😀
Sean Mullally: Awesome experience. Polite. Helpful, reponsive, professional and friendly. Highly recommend
Pennjamin papyrus: Lidia is such a tremendous help a give superb customer service. Love her pleasant tone and all.
Angelique Charles: They made our storage experience a breeze. We had a lot of challenges because I'm in a different state. Lydia was more than gracious with her time and effort. Never made us feel like a burden. Very pleasant. My unit was clean, easy to access on my first visit in town, and felt rather secure. I'd recommend them.
Destini Becker: Super fast and easy to work with. She helped fix my lock super easy and kind. They go above and beyond for their customers
denis georges: max was very helpful and friendly!
Clyde Green: Great customer service helped me out a lot with all my needs. I will definitely recommend Extra Space Storage to friends and family
Gerald Louissaint: It's a good place
Anthony Hollowell: I would like say thank you to Max for his great customer service. He went above and beyond following up with me. You just don't see this to often anymore. I would highly recommend Extra Space Storage to anyone needing extra storage space. Great job Max!!!
Shawntel Price: I would recommend this storage to who ever can't get one same day
Noel Larimer: Max is a great manager and has been nothing but helpful!
Scott Van Willigen: Beautiful site, great team!
Ryan Beck: Outstanding service, clean and functional
Kye Kamile: Great clean place Ethan is awesome with getting set up and moved in
Jason Derringer: This is a nice facility! They take good care of their customers!
Jason Huneycutt: This facility is very clean and max took care of us and made it quick and easy!
Mark Knox: This facility is nice and max was helpful and friendly!
Jose Watson: Max was so helpful and this is a great place to store your stuff!
Darnika Myers: I have been a long time customer and have rented from Extra Space for yrs. I go to them anytime I need a storage for any reason, and they never disappoint! The staff is always so nice as well and they always answer any questions I may have.
Christina West: Max was so helpful and got me set up with my space super fast.

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