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1. Studio Movie Grill - Marion County

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Address: 3535 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46268, United States

Telephone: +1 317-315-8113

Business type: Movie theater

Studio Movie Grill: what do users think?
gayle cosby: Fountain drinks were watered down. Prices going up. Also, I seriously wonder if they turn on the heat or A/C here.
Liz B: The lobby smelled like poop. Good chicken fingers though.
L Kords: Absolutely filthy! First time and last time coming here.
Thiane Ndour: Love the big space
M DaHabre: Theater was super cold. 65 minutes to get food.
Chris Les: First time going to a eat-in movie and this was a great first experience, beats the typical popcorn and drink at others.
Zmey Goryanin: Studio Movie is OK. The Grill part is kind of expensive. A large pop is $7. something...There are a lot of broken service call buttons, and you have to use neighboring chair's buttons.
Noah Love: Food runner was rude as hell. Got mad because I asked for a sour cream.
Lady Q: It's a cool little movie grill spot to enjoy with family or on dates. Making some repairs to the place would be nice. Also, when the waiter is taking your order, make sure to ask because we were told we could still order until the last 30 mins of the movie and to find out they were done serving was disappointing. Over all it was a nice place
Mariluz Soto: Went to see the New Demon Slayer movie. Service was fast and food was delicious
Makenzi Brandenburg: I ordered the brisket nachos and it was way too salty, but the mango froze-Rita was awesome!
Willie Spears: Cheapest tickets but drinks and etc. a little more expensive than AMC.. seats were horribly uncomfortable compared to AMC as well!
Anthony Lomax: Me and the wife had a great time it been some years since we had been to the movies
Jimmy Bailey: The screens are clear and big, and the sound quality is awesome. However, I gave them 3 stars because the gratuity is automatically added to the service. But, the service was very, very slow, and this is not the first time it's been this way. So I would just suggest that you order something quick so you're not waiting for the entire movie. The food was hot when I received it and it was good so that's why they at least got 3 stars.
Victoria Fayette: Service is a little slow but the food is extremely good. I'm in love with the chicken nachos and chicken fingers 😋
Wanda Placencia: Everything was great
Teshiko Furusato: 18% mandatory gratituity, cold bland food, watered down alcohol, poor late service, small getto theater.
Michael Starks: It wasn't crowded, good food ,and even better drinks,and drink specials ,clean facilities
James Milliken: Order wings and fries me and my company meal was over $50.00 the food came out after 20 min...this was during an early show...the food was cool as it was sitting for awhile.
Richard DesChain: I had not been here in a while and it is with unfortunate experience that I leave this review. While the 2 staff members I personally spoke to were friendly everything else was falling apart. The tables attached to the seats. The buttons if they were attached didn't seem to work. The restrooms were in all sorts of a bad way. And to top it off once we did speak to someone about getting, even popcorn, we were informed that they were just to busy and decided to shut everything down.
Meagan Chaney: Just went and saw Titanic in 3D!!! First of all, the service was amazing. Secondly, this is my all time favorite movie! My friend took me as a birthday gift! 10/10 recommend!

2. Keystone Art Cinema & Indie Lounge - Marion County

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Keystone Art Cinema & Indie Lounge
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Address: 8702 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240, United States

Telephone: +1 317-566-8155

Business type: Movie theater

Keystone Art Cinema & Indie Lounge: what do users think?
Shelley Lantz: This is our favorite movie theater in the Indy area, mostly due to the quality movie selections and staff. We enjoy the classics on Tuesday too.
Neal Upton: Best movies
Charline Avey: Early show almost had the whole theater to ourselves. Popcorn is really good. Bring one of these so you can share the bottomless bucket
Alexis A: Starting to become my new favorite movie theater. Extremely clean, very quiet, concessions is good!!
Cathie Mitchell: Very nice theater and employees.
Terry Franzman: The best films in Indianapolis.
Dianne Tomlin: Love to go here because they carry independent movies.
Chloe Holding (TatoesMamaBear): Clean, inside the mall, wonderful staff, definitely would go back if we lived closer!
Amber Brocken: I love this little theater. It's small and has a feel of home. If you love the movies but not the big ginormous theaters with 300 seats and noise, this is the place.
Edgardo M. Vasquez, Jr (Eddie, Chaos): Awesome theatre!
Michael Shackelford: Clean friendly. Movie was horrible. Keystone arts has movies too dark. In subject matter
GG: "Oh honey we never stopped serving food!even during Covid. We served popcorn popcorn IS a food!" people love to be smart alecks. Was referring to Cheese nachos, the return of hot dogs and the cookies
Beth Waller: Friendly people, yummy popcorn, comfortable seats, great movies that aren't slasher flicks! I love coming to this theatre🎬
Dawn Hutchinson: Great experience with comfortability level, prices have increased, not rendering serviceForQuality ofCustomer service orLack of in theBar area
C W: I like that they have flavored sprinkles for the popcorn
Matt Hurt: Absolutely love the coziness of this theater. The Retro Replay series has been a joy and the staff is always very friendly and personable.
Nate Lowe: Nice theater, neat bar, friendly staff!
Karen W: A hidden gem. I love seeing non-mainstream movies here. Nice staff. Great parking. Ate too much popcorn!
Daniel: Clean good theater, not too busy so good seats available.
Michael Goldsmith: Good movie, but over hyped.Everything. Everywhere, all at once. Just ok in our book.
Lori Noud: Movie was good. I would Not recommend going if you were a person that likes cleanliness and a comfortable seat. The adult drinks were a little on the pricey side too.

3. AMC Indianapolis 17 - Marion County

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AMC Indianapolis 17
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Address: 4325 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46217, United States

Telephone: +1 317-784-0989

Business type: Movie theater

AMC Indianapolis 17: what do users think?
Korlu Jessica Ziama Moore: Had a wonderful evening with my Husband/Nephew I enjoy the pop corn and Coke Cola
Duane Oreskovic: Clean service for late night movies
Megan Carter: The food is not good here. Do not order anything that is not popcorn or a drink. There is a bar on the right after entering the building that carries soft alcohol like vodka sodas as well as harder alcohol. Most of the cocktails served here are incredibly sugary though, order with caution.The theatres themselves are usually kept clean and have many seats. The seat sizes are built for an average-sized adult and may not accommodate someone larger. All have large screens and surround sound.
Josh Herington: Great staff, fresh food, and clean theaters
It’s Priceless To Live Love & Laugh: HOW IS THIS PLACE SO BUSY THAT NO ONE CAN ANSWER THE PHONE!! Show times is definitely not the only question to ask, and that shouldn’t be a question people calls for especially when it is posted online!! FYI: There’s other questions people wants to know that’s not online!! I see the “pandemic” made this business lazy and have poor customer service too!!
IXA HDEZ: Todo bien, excepto por el calor, parece que el aire acondicionado de la sala no servía o estaba apagado
Indea Mccombs: Went to see dungeons and dragons with family and enjoyed it. One thing I didn't enjoy is that the bar opens at 2pm and no one was there to serve
Bruce Roby: Dolby theater is amazing. We saw Mario with 5 yr old grandson and we all loved it.
Caleb Garrison: Seats are uncomfortable.
Aj Radford: Love coffee and pastries Sunday morning!
TEJ SINGH: Overall great but the girl at customer service was awful…
Kelly J Andrews: Pretty weak sound system. Had a better sound on the way home in my car.
James Holbein: It’s what you’d expect from a theater , it’s up to date looking and features both imax and Dolby theaters so the price definitely reflects that. If your looking for a cheap ticket price , I’d definitely wait until they have deals going on because it’s hard to find 2 tickets for under 30 bucks here.
Greg Williams: We go every week!
Ernest Berman: Like all theaters, pricey. Otherwise good place to watch a movie.
Mark Austin: Seats are super comfortable, plenty of room. Love the frozen cokes and buttery popcorn. The Tuesday Stubs member deal is fantastic 🤩🎥🍿
Bill Lambert: This is my go-to place for movies. 17 theaters, IMAX,Dolby
rich ~: Clean nice and booze .. everything I want and need. Hasn't changed still an amazing choice for movies!
Aaron Ross: My favorite theater in Indy
Jina Desai: Clean and great reclining seats!
Lynda Gerhart: Over priced consessions... but that's typical of any cinema.

4. Regal UA Circle Centre - Marion County

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Regal UA Circle Centre
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Address: 49 W Maryland St STE 221, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

Telephone: +1 844-462-7342

Business type: Movie theater

Regal UA Circle Centre: what do users think?
Honeyy Thick: Plenty of seats that even recline....with a button🤣
Douglas Webster: Out of the way location.
DARKELEMENT: Worst movie theater I’ve been too management is horrible waiting time is to long just all around a bad experience
Joyce Montgomery: Recling seats are super comfortable
Eleazar Montalvan: Not a safe place to watch a movie. Ppl inside the theater doing drugs. Some enter the theater in obvious symptoms of drug/alcohol intoxication.
Brandon Butz: Place seemed nice, too many kids without parents for a rated r movie, 2 groups of 7 kids or more kept coming in and out of the auditorium repeatedly throughout the movie. First time and last time going after that experience.
Chirstopher Day (Caveman): Good venue, good people, nice seats with tables, just a generally good place to watch a new feature. Only thing I'd suggest is matinee prices to encourage an early crowd.
Kevin Lavergne: Good movie theater with nice reclining seats.
William Vinson: Terrible!!!!!
M. MAIZER: I wouldn't go there again. there is no staff inside the hall to organize, and some people take other people seats. on a Christmas day, It kind of ruined the movie.
Shawnray Clay: Clean
Patrick M: They always have the best working staff when I come to view a film! Very helpful
Rob Miller: A cold and creepy theater, it definitely needs renovations.
Landon Erp: It's my absolute favorite theater and I am EXTREMELY biased.
I Champ: Beside some rude staff, this place is nice
H D: Restrooms are hard to find with no signage to find them
Jesse Sade: It was a really cool experience to go see a movie on the 4th floor of the mall. I can't say that I have done that anywhere else. It wasn't too busy, but it was later on a Sunday so take that information with a grain of salt. The chairs were extremely comfortable and had little tv trays attached to them that were pretty handy. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this place to catch a movie if you are downtown.
kim Austin: Too many kids
Christopher Ray: Very nice
Alan Aguilar: Wakabda Forever!! 🙅🏾‍♂️

5. Landmark Theater - Marion County

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Landmark Theater
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Address: 8701-8745 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240, United States

Business type: Movie theater

Landmark Theater: what do users think?
vivian lawhead: we always enjoy this theatre and being able to buy a glass of wine! only gave 4 stars because they switched from premium butter for popcorn to a much worse topping.
Ricky Burnett: Pretty sure it's closed
Andree Sahakian: Great theatre

6. AMC Washington Square 12 - Marion County

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1545 reviews
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AMC Washington Square 12
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Address: 10280 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229, United States

Telephone: +1 317-895-7806

Business type: Movie theater

AMC Washington Square 12: what do users think?
arnulfo martinez: Mire comentarios en español y pence que tenían películas en español pero no 😳
Calibaybgurl Hill: Nice movie theater
Steven Edsall: Bar was finally open
spudd Hughes: The seats are PREMIUM...VERY COMFORTABLE
Honest James: My favorite theater
Walt Brown: Nice theater friendly staff
Mike Wiese: John wick 4 was fantastic
Case Johnson: Love going to them movies. Theaters always clean. The staff was friendly and the food is always on point.
Romes Queen: Disappointed! Paid online over $70.00 just to get to my 9pm show and the doors are locked cancelled. Messed up my evening plans!
pseudo David: Lovely, but the concessions closed am hour and a half before the movie was over 🙃 should be 4 stars but go see a movie anyway!!Update: the seats in theater 6 were amazing! I also like how you can pick your seat when you buy your ticket
Dante Golder: If you want to take your child to see any rated R movie it has to be before 6pm or they won't let you in even if there with parents. I don't see them being open much longer
Dan Sinclair: Loved it.
Ryan Loghmiller: Staff at the concessions looked miserable and were not friendly. Didn't make me excited to spend $35 for 3 fountain drinks and a bucket of popcorn. The drink bar was not maintained. Trash a stickiness all over. Several flavors were out. Also, their Icee machine was overflowing with waste to the point that you could not fill your own. Once inside, the reclining seat did not work. Also, it was clear they had not been wiped down in some time. Sticky stuff all over the armrest. Fortunately, the theater was not full and I was able to move to another seat.
Jeffrey Robinson: Excellent excellent place to watch a movie only one issue food prices are ridiculous over 7 bucks for a hot dog so we bring what we can chips and whatever we can put in our pockets buy popcorn of course maybe even one large soda and we always be comfortable and enjoy ourselves
B Zoell: Good place to see a movie. Some seats recline and some are broken, but the staff swapped our seats for working ones promptly.
gamita3g71: Place clean not to crowded
Toni Gamberg: No soda in the machines
crystal shelton: The staff is so nice. The food taste great! The pizza is a lil costly but is a shareable size for 2. It's the same size as cheesecake factory pizza. The hot dogs are beef and delicious! They got every hi-c flavor. The popcorn always taste good. They never give cold food. Their bathrooms are a lot cleaner then Castleton is. Parking lot does have chuck holes to watch out for though. But def less crowded then Castleton which is great!
Alexander Morales: The employees are rude but the movies are great.
DeWanda Cole: Clean, prompt at concessions
Brian Jarman: Fine Theatre, showing its age.

7. Flix Brewhouse Carmel - Carmel

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2036 reviews
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Flix Brewhouse Carmel
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Address: 2206 E 116th St, Carmel, IN 46032, United States

Telephone: +1 317-824-9111

Business type: Movie theater

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