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Jumonkan Dojo/Virgil's Judo Club Level 10 Martial Arts College Providence Star Judo Team Impact Martial Arts House of Martial Arts Grandmaster Park's Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Eastside Family Karate Bujinkan Indianapolis Dojo Providence Star Martial Arts Academy

1. Jumonkan Dojo/Virgil's Judo Club - Marion County

· 2 reviews

645 S Franklin Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46239

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Jumonkan Dojo/Virgil's Judo Club: what do users think?
Wesley W: Great club. I've gotten more out of training here for a year than I did training for years at other martial arts places.They offer quality instruction in traditional Kodokan Judo rather than merely focusing on strategies for winning competitions. (We do also compete though and members of our club got gold, silver, and bronze at the State Championships recently.) Whether you're interested in Judo for self-defense or just as an artform, this is the place for you. There's also a great deal of emphasis on groundwork here. It's a relatively small club with a relaxed atmosphere.I've got a long way to go and lots of training ahead of me, but I'm confident that Virgil's Judo Club will help me continually improve both as a judoka and a person.
Serge K: I’ve been training here going on three years. The place is not much to look at, but the instructors are amazing, and we have a great little community. We recently competed at Indiana state judo championships earning bronze, silver, and gold medals.
Itz _ Toxiic: Positive:Quality
BDH: Great club with many years of experience. The amount of direct training from black belts can’t be beat. Lots of throwing! Relaxed and friendly atmosphere is welcoming and speaks to quality of the club following one of the tenants of Judo, “mutual benefit and welfare.”

2. Mudokwan - Marion County



· 15 reviews

8230 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Mudokwan: what do users think?
Robert Lindsay: Fantastic place to do kendo. Sensei Park and Sensei Smith really get to the heart of kendo, and are always willing to take the time to help me learn and improve. Good class mates also, from 7yo on up, they want to help me get better, which makes a difference.
Jay Williamson: I began my Judo instruction at Mudokwan when I was 12 years old. The year was 1972 and sensei Young H Park was my instructor. I was being bullied in school and had very few friends. Sensei Park gave me confidence in myself and taught me discipline. I took what I learned there and applied it to my life as an adult. I am 62 now and often think of the people who were positive influences in my life. Sensei Park should take pride in knowing he was a positive influence. Thank you!
Ashley Richardson: Fantastic dojo, would highly recommend. Especially for Kendo!
Scott Hudnall: Was not impressed with the personality of the instructor. Did not go back. Better training was found elsewhere.
Sukhi Singh: This man is opening new location at 20 Polonia Ave Unit 108 BramptonI worked for him He paid me check there was no funds in the accountafter that he did not paid me for my work I installed grab bars in the handicap washroom you can see pictures, He is a fraud, More than 4 weeks now still not paid ,Think before the business with him
Jr Schaler: After nearly 17 years practicing judo here I can say without a doubt this is the best dojo anywhere. It not only helps you stay in physical condition, but also teaches a great deal of self discipline and respect.
Alexander Felts: Best martial arts school that I have ever been to.
Eric Covington: I searched and visited all the MMA and martial Arts Dojos in Indianapolis. Hands down Mudokwan is the very best if you are looking for the true Japanese experience. From the amazing Sensei's and visiting Sensei's that are unmatched in Indiana, the emphasis in both the combat, physical as well as the meditation and spirituality of a warrior; and most importantly on the teaching. Mudokwan is the finest dojo in Indiana in my opinion.No frills, no clubs to join or constant upselling of products to buy - if you are looking for the pure martial arts experience that has been passed down over the centuries - then this is the place. I need to mention the Kendo is exceptional as well as Kyudo for those interested in these forms. Research the instructors and you will see the truth in this review.Sincerely,Eric Covington
Mary PoffMcDole: From the year 1999 to the year 2007 I took martial arts class from Mudowkwan school.Sensei Park is the best martial art instructor I have been able to find (and being in the Navy from 2008 to 2014 and looking in all places where I lived, that is saying something). Sensei Park is able to teach martial arts in a traditional manner in which the student is taught discipline principles as well as self defense and in the process teaches good level self confidence.
Yael Aldrich: We have been at Park Sen-sei's dojo for one year for judo and kendo. Our children love their lessons, the other adults and children are great people and the overall feel of the dojo is firm/serious but encouraging. If you are looking for a great place to grow as a martial arts student, you have found the right place.
Billy Brown: This is an outstanding Martial Arts School, Master Park is the real-life Mr. Miyagi, 1st time or life long students will benefit.

3. Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu & Zen - Marion County

· 11 reviews

8436 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260

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Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu & Zen: what do users think?
John Lowe: Sometimes the real thing is right in front of your face. Sometimes you have to climb the mountain to find your master. Ted Hanulak is the last of his kind. He doesnt charge money, his dojo is part of his house, a beautiful traditional Japanese dojo. He doesn't teach kids.People believe that you can learn martial arts from Youtube or from some clown charging thousands of dollars, making you sign long contracts, but you cannot. You need to find the real thing. Not just someone who is convenient or close by.He only accepts a small amount of students. If you're lucky, maybe you will be one of them.
Jonathan Kranz: This school is phenomenal. It has everything I hoped for in a martial arts dojo - seriousness, academics, Zen philosophy, physicality and meditation. The space itself is also very special. Sensei has created a truly marvelous space. Sensei is tough but fair. He has a strict attendance policy which is understandable. Students are required to dedicate themselves to the practice so that it does not waste Sensei's nor the other students' time. Unfortunately for me, I had to drop out from the school after only one class because of family obligations which conflicted with the schedule and would have become a problem for my wife and son. I still agonize over leaving. It's been over 2 months since I last attended and I think about how (and how much) I learned at Sensokan nearly every day. If that doesn't say something about the quality and depth of education you can receive, then I do not know what can. My one hope is that perhaps someday, Sensei will allow me to return. He is a good man.
Nikhil Das Nomula: This is the best place to learn Martial arts. I have trained under Sensei for about 6 months and it had a huge impact on me. Sensei is strict and cares about you. Sensei is a fantastic teacher and keeps it real
Dustin Cannon: I only trained at the Sensokan Dojo for a short time, but the experience was unlike anything I could have gotten elsewhere. I don't think there is another dojo like it.The self defense training, discipline, and overall atmosphere is one of great respect that honors the true spirit of the Japanese martial arts. Training at the Sensokan Dojo actually ruined martial arts for elsewhere. After leaving, I had no interest in training at other martial arts schools which now seemed to be nothing more than imagination or pretend, definitely having nothing to do with Budo.Training under Hanulak Sensei, I learned how to be detached and completely in whatever I am doing. Sensei probably has no idea what an impact he and the dojo had on my life because I didn't get to train as much as I wanted because of personal obligations, and family that needed me during some difficult times.I don't have many regrets in life, but #1 on my list is that I did not take every advantage of training more at the Sensokan Dojo before moving out of state. Thank you Sensei.
Richard Denney: The experience of a traditional Japanese martial art and a teacher who cares. The training is tough and rigorous and if you stick with it you will see the benefits.
Stillwaters: The Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis is one of the last true dojos around anywhere. Traditional yet practical, the Sensokan offers Japanese Jujutsu and Zen meditation combined creating an extremely effective form of self defense. Other schools are filled with children. Not this place. Walking into the Sensokan is like walking into feudal Japan. There is no place better.This is the real deal.

4. Level 10 Martial Arts College - Marion County

· 57 reviews

5135 S Emerson Ave b, Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Level 10 Martial Arts College: what do users think?
Jackelyn Winingham: My son has been going here for over a year. We love it! Great environment and everyone is so friendly.
Cal Hultquist: My 16 year old son is thriving at Level 10. He has a learning disability but has really taken to martial arts. I would recommend it highly to parents of spectrum kids. They can use that focus to develop physical and interpersonal skills they'll use in the real world. The staff are kind and patient and teach excellent values. They tell kids the truth... one day you may have to defend yourself due to no fault of your own... but they do not teach aggression. Having 15 years in law enforcement and investigations, I know this is a true fact of life. Sometimes you can live the most peaceful life but violence can try to victimize your child and I want my son to have a fighting chance. If he never has to use these skills in self-defense, hey at least we got him out from behind a video game console! We're in this until the black belt.
K. Moore-Simpson: My grandson has been taking classes here for years. A great place and activity for young and old alike. Classes vary.
Mariah Callis Goodwin: Can’t speak highly enough! The owners are so friendly and kind while running a great business. I’ve been taking classes for over 6 months now and have enjoyed every minute.It’s a great place for kids to learn discipline and consideration through martial arts. It’s also a amazing place for adults to learn - I was hesitant as a woman entering a new martial arts space, but I am happy to say that they have been so welcoming and take all of their students seriously.I’ve gained confidence and it is a respite from my daily stresses. Run don’t walk!
charles Douglas: Great
David W: Great place to learn at
Kenny central Indiana: A great place. The people are nice and the kids love it.
Heather Stultz: LTMA has been a wonderful place for my daughter to grow in confidence and Martial arts ability. The staff and all the instructors are fabulous and it’s truly a family friendly environment. Associate Master Tucher is a fantastic teacher. He makes Martial Arts come alive and his passion makes everyone want to be a better student. He makes the class enjoyable for all ages, mixing fun activities in with the required curriculum. Roughly a year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and join my daughter on the mat. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only is it a good bonding experience for us but going to class has made me a stronger person. I know there are many other schools out there but hands down LTMA is the best choice!
Mary Ruiz: The Staff working there are very nice and they treat students with respect. Our son has been doing so well when he started here. My son has enjoyed all the activities that the place provides and he learn how to protect him self from other people who try to hurt him. I would give 10 stars if i could.
Amanda Turner: The staff and everyone involved are excellent! There are other schools that we looked into and by far made THE BEST DECISION to come to Level 10. AM Tucher has made a great impact on my son who struggles with self confidence, I can not thank him enough. His twin brother has recently enrolled as well and we are starting to see a difference with his attention and focus. I could write a thousand paragraphs but we'll leave it at that!
Eric Cherry: Great school and instructors!
Sarah Cherry: Best decision made for our children! Not only teaches Martial Arts, but also teaches Discipline, Respect, and Self Control!
Ashley Dunn: Has done amazing things for my son with ADHD. I cannot say enough about this place. The staff is incredible and the kids always have fun and learn!
stevet5808: Great family atmosphere. They not only teach the martial arts but also safety and manners.
Elizabeth P.: Not only do they learn self control self defense but also helped my daughter learn confidence and self pride. Also helps in more ways than I can list! A deff must!
Shannon C: My son has been a student at Level 10 for several months and we love it. After a bad experience with a previous school we were a little hesitant, but Master Tucher and the other instructors are great with the kids! My son loves it and we look forward to each class. As a parent I love the skills he’s learning.
Aleksandar Benic: We have seen improvement with our son even at home after only 3 sessions. We will continue coming here. These guys teach not only Martial Arts, but most importantly respect, discipline and self discipline.
J Turner: LTMA is amazing! We signed our son Jaylen up on their trial promotion and could not be more pleased. Everyone at LTMA make you feel welcome and like family as soon as you walk through their doors. The staff is helpful and full of knowledge and treat everyone with the utmost respect. The most impressive part is AM Toucher knows every students name and their families which makes it very personable. Thank you all at Level may be called level 10, but its level 100 and more with everything else you all do. Please come and join this awesome will love it too!
Kenneth Mitchell: This is a top notch facility, staff and Instructors are very friendly! My son has been attending for about 6 months now and always looks forward to class. Overall very pleased with Level 10 Martial Arts and highly recommend!
Samantha Bauerle: I found Level 10 by chance. My boys were signed up in a new student promotion and I was as nervous as they were to start this new journey. The staff and support staff have been there from day one encouraging, helping and guiding my children to grow physically and mentally. The atmosphere is positive and fun. My children have learned so much more than Martial arts. The guidance they receive on life lessons- respect, focus, discipline, humility, trust, honesty- is something that make this facility truly special. We love our Level 10 family!!
Dawn Webb: We absolutely love Level 10! The instructors are absolutely incredible and you couldn't ask for more. Their love for the kids and the entire family is evident in all that they do! They are knowledgeable and they take their job seriously. I wouldn't go anywhere else

5. Providence Star Judo Team - Lawrence

· 4 reviews

4711 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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Providence Star Judo Team: what do users think?
DatsWhat Up: Mr. Wain is a wonderful Teacher, with a focus on Personal accountability, education and discipline! Often neglected virtues in modern society.
Michael B. Sharpe: Marcus is a great teacher and works very well with kids helping them build confidence and the skills to defend themselves. Highly recommended!
Charisse Johnson: This is a wonderful place to learn self defense and gain discipline. My kids are learning so much! Great atmosphere, clean and sanitary all the time.
Remitha Gordon-Woodford: Master Marcus is a wonderful teacher. He is knowledgeable, positive and caring. Each class is full of technique, training and wisdom, all of which our children need to fulfill their goals in and out of Taekwondo.
Carla Clancy Martin: Sensei Master Marcus is very compassionate about TaeKwonDoe; intern the Master makes sure that he is educated in many areas of defense. Sensei Master Marcus is very patient in helping each individual student, he is creative, patience and very informative in his demonstrations and forms. I Love Providence Star Martial Arts and recommend that everyone should practice self defense, self control and meditation.
Shawnee McEwen: Master Marcus is one of the best teachers in this field, he loves to teach and has a passion for everyone's success. Martial Arts is a lifestyle that anyone can benefit from. The price is beyond reasonable, cheapest in the country!! Multiple Class times as well. Taekwondo and more!

6. Broad Ripple Martial Arts Academy - Marion County

· 4 reviews

5134 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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Broad Ripple Martial Arts Academy: what do users think?
Lyudmila Vilesova: Great school for all ages and levels!
Jennifer Payne: Great experience, awesome instruction! Joining this Dojo enhanced my life!
Joe Davis: Broad ripple martial arts is the best instruction I've ever had. Highly recommend.

7. Indianapolis Martial Arts Academy - Marion County

· 2 reviews

6221 Coffman Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Indianapolis Martial Arts Academy: what do users think?
Andrew Hughes: IMAA has been a great place for me and my kids to study the art of Taekwondo together. Master Benjamin and the other instructors are in it for all the right reasons. Glad to have a resource like this right here in Pike Township!
D. Frank Adams: Master Benjamin and Instructors Flight, Spurlock and Rankin have worked my daughter for about 6 months. This dynamic team has taken a child that was unsure and unfocused and has began a transformation that is amazing. The great part is that ALL students are treated this way! From confidence building to establishing respect for all, this school applies these concepts into all who enter the door.

8. Impact Martial Arts - Marion County

· 31 reviews

9509 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

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Impact Martial Arts: what do users think?
Nora Harris: My son went to 2 classes. During this time nothing was explained to him just threw him into exercising with no stretching. Kids taught the first class. I witnessed a grown instructor throw a temper tantrum, telling his students how he didn’t have to be there ending his class early. It’s a shame because my son liked the other students but now goes to a different karate school that he enjoys much more and way more affordable. I highly recommend IRise Martial Arts inside the Get Fit Athletic Club on E Washington & Shortridge. We’ve been extremely satisfied with Grand Master Ingram’s school.
Ruben: Great Little Place to teach kids self-discipline, self-respect, and etc.
corey Mitchell: The instructors are great and friendly would highly recommend and if you are a spectator be prepared to get roped in by the instructors
Crystal Sower: I have not fully immersed myself in to this place yet but so far they seem really good,I just signed up my little one and I really like how they work with the kids!They Played Me-Edit review- my little one went there and it is not as advertised. He did not get his karate Gi, if that is how you say it and the man told me that to join I would have to pay 100$ sign up and 299$ fist month all due at one time and the 299$ would be per month. I think the prices should be laid out before you hand over the initial 50$ because if I had known it would be so much I would have never paid 50$ for a month of classes and then turn around and pay 300$ a month for the same classes that price jump makes no sense and is seems as though that is standard practice get you in the door then tell you they want an arm and leg for the classes that'sjust wrong to me. Go at your own risk. It is a nice studio and teachers but no no no to those prices🤨
Tim Barnett: Positive:Quality,ValueMaster Northup, is very knowledgeable and caring about his students. You couldn't ask for a better instructor.
Jennifer Baron: My son loves it. Awesome instructors
Christina Turner: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueImpact Martial Arts is a great place to take your child. My son is 7 and he absolutely loves it and it gives him a chance to be apart of something special. The owner and the instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly! Would 10/10 recommend!
Jared Huckstep: My son takes lessons here and he absolutely loves it. The instructors are very attentive
Annie bishop: Positive:Quality,ValueThis has been a great lace for my 5 year old. He absolutely loves going. It’s a great energy burner and the martial arts philosophy instills great lessons for young children. We have seen an improvement in his ability to listen and follow instructions. He is so motivated to get his black stripe!!!
Joseph “Joe” Divish: I've been a student at this location since April of 2019. The prices are fair and he even gives a discount if you pay in full for 6 months at a time (The best deal). Being in the military as well, Master Northup will even add time to your 6 months if you have scheduling conflicts related to military service. They have intense belt camps that allow students to gain knowledge and physical fitness in a short amount of time, which allows them to rank up in belts faster. If you just go to the website and fill out a form you will not have any question over looked. The free 2 weeks of classes to see if it's for you is also nice!
Chip Dean: Extremely professional a quality place to train
leonard duke: My son goes here it is an awesome learning experience if your kid likes boxing they would love this.
Angela Shamblin: Great place
Rafael H.: I initially signed up my my son and he loved it. He was having so much fun I decided to join as well. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and they're great with the children. I definitely encourage anyone who's looking to learn a lot and meet great people to sign up.
Antonio Key: The best Martial arts school that I have ever seen.
Maria Cooper: Awesome school and instructors! Lead instructor is an 8th degree black belt and actually studied under the founders of taekwondo! He is amazing with kids as are all the instructors. It has helped my son who has problems with ADHD and focusing. He has learned discipline and focus and is now on his way to black belt! They also learn other martial arts as well. I have never had a problem with uniforms. In fact, I don't care if my son was doing martial arts in his pajamas there as he has learned and improved so much! Highly recommend to anyone!
Matt Spears: The experience is great. The classes are fun and challenging.
Laura Beckley: I did not have provlem with uniform. Instructors are great with kids. Teaching respect and discipline. My grandson loves it!
julie stiers: Instructors are great at their job!
Missy Petty: The special that is offered for $69.00 is false advertisement. You do not receive a uniform. Unfortunately my 7 yr old grandson went through 5 1/2 of his 6 week class without a uniform. Beware..
Nathanael Ginn: Impact Martial Arts is a great place to learn self defense and get some exercise. It is a safe, fun environment for kids and adults to learn martial arts.

9. House of Martial Arts - Carmel

· 29 reviews

441 S Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032

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House of Martial Arts: what do users think?
James Miles: Great culture. More interested in education than competition and winning. Love bringing my boys to beginners ninja and enjoy going to the adult class myself.
Jack Murak: Truly a gem of a place for anyone who wants to learn martial arts or self defense. Detailed and comprehensive instruction. The new facility has a ton of style, a great layout and always clean.Truly a family atmosphere and supportive culture for athletes at any skill level. I've made incredible friends and life changing experiences here.Give it a try, you won't ve disappointed.
George Nae: Knowledgeable staff, friendly environment, awesome techniques from Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. Great for kids and adults.
Kurtis Sluss: Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was something I did on a whim to help stay fit and boost my confidence. Sensei George and the HMA team made quick work of that and gave me so much more than I hoped for. Fun, safe, challenging, and fulfilling are all words I'd use to describe the program. What more could you ask for?
Jason Kaufman: I’ve trained at HMA for a few years and have really enjoyed my experience with sensei George and sensei Jonathan. I would and do recommend HMA if you are looking for a great place to train.
Gabriel Gonzalez: I love it I have been going thair for 5 years
Jillian Lennon: When I started up at HMA, Sensei George worked one on one with me and my goals. Weeks had passed and my ability to do push ups and crunches increased. Things I never thought I was able to do became possible. The staff here always made sure to keep a comfortable environment with encouraging people. I've made some amazing friends in my classes and I have become proud of what I am able to do because of HMA. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities presented at HMA that have challenged my mind, body, and spirit. HMA is the only place I would want to go for my martial art or fitness needs.
Sally Kennedy: I walked in off the street one day to talk to Sensei George and have been coming back for the last several months. Sensei George listened to my goals and we talked through how to achieve them with HMA’s programs. I absolutely love the fitness kickboxing class and the instructor and group environment has been the extra support I needed. Because I am just starting at 46 years old and I had specific goals, I have worked 1:1 with Sensei George through individual classes. I’m excited to start group beginner courses soon as well. I love seeing how martial arts can have such a positive impact on our children’s lives and HMA is dedicated to developing character, integrity and confidence in our youth. That said, you are never too old to start and for me, it’s been life changing. My suggestion for anyone considering martial arts for their child or themselves is to go and meet with the staff and owner. Talk to them about what your goals are, feel the space you’ll be training in, and decide if it’s right for you. I’ve only written a few reviews in my life, but it’s important to me to share this because HMA has had such a great impact on my life.
Brian Shotton: Great instruction. Family atmosphere. This is my home away from home. Multiple black belt instructors. Impressive lineages in Hawaiian Kenpo and BJJ. And the best fitness kickboxing in the area.
Todd Polizotto: All of my kids enjoy classes here. Educational and fun
Mr WizrdX: Positive:Value
Erica Johnson: Fun, patient teachers and helpful staff! This was our fourth visit, and our Little One has shown remarkable progress in focus, strength, and confidence. We enjoy HMA.
Breann McNeil: Our son has really enjoyed his experience here. Great lesson sessions for kids.
Lindi Prevost: I've gone here for a few weeks now, and I still love being there every time. I've done the fitness kickboxing classes and tried out the combat kickboxing and bjj classes as well. As other reviews mention, it is an incredibly supportive and non-judgmental environment. I always feel welcome walking in, more so than any other gym setting I've ever been in. Prices are reasonable and the people are awesome!
Amber Home Grown: My kids loved the free intro classes. They were very nice and fun. Just can't afford it or we would definitely be back! Keep up the good work!
Kyle Jenkins: My wife and I went to the House of Martial Arts based on a promotional offer they had around St. Patricks Day (wonderful deal, btw) and before the first class was over we felt that this was a place that we could see ourselves wanting to come to. The facility is super clean (they take pride in how much they do to keep it sanitary), the staff and instructors are extremely amicable and encouraging while giving you lots of one on one attention, which is great as a beginner! They offer a variety of classes including: Fitness kickboxing, Hawaiian Kenpo/Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA training classes. Each of these has different areas and techniques that are the focused on depending which day of the week it is. For example, for Kenpo, Mondays are stand-up fighting/combat kickboxing, Wednesdays and Saturdays are Jiu-Jitsu grappling (ground fighting) days, and Fridays are stand-up fighting with an emphasis on self-defense.Soon after the trial, my wife and I decided to train full time in Hawaiian Kenpo which is the schools specialty and its secondary specialty jiu-jitsu. It has been one of the best things we have done for ourselves physically and mentally as the art and instructors help build you up beyond what we thought we were capable of. My somewhat timid wife who never had any fighting experience in real life or training is now confident enough in herself and her skills learned here that she is considering competing in jiu-jitsu competitions in the future!I can't recommend Sensei/Owner George Nae and his staff enough for anyone that is interested in improving upon themselves!
marat bleykhman: My son is going there since he was 6 and now he is 11. Excellent instructors and jids really learn technic and form. Also grappling classes are very good!!!
Ashley Willis: An intense workout in a supportive environment.
Waqas Ghumman: I am not really the gym type but this really turned my life for the better. Markedly improved my weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other health markers. My doctor was IMPRESSED!!! Also made great work out friends and love the staff.
Michael Stanfield: I joined HMA back in December 2014 initially only for the MMA classes. Having enjoyed the MMA classes so much, I decided to start the Cardio Kickboxing also. I am still absolutely hooked to both.The two classes are completely different - Cardio kickboxing makes me work far harder than I ever did in the gym whereas MMA is all about learning the different techniques.Sensei George and his team are excellent trainers and have created a really fun environment in which to learn martial arts.I was at first worried that there would be people there just trying to prove they are the best however that isn't anywhere near the truth. No-one there is out to hurt anyone or prove anything, I can honestly say the whole group are there for their own self-development in martial arts.HMA caters to all ages - we have people aging from 20 (and younger) thru to mid 60s.To anyone who is thinking about trying HMA out - give it a go! I highly suspect that, like me, you will love it.

10. Carmel Martial Arts LLC - Carmel

· 3 reviews

10598 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46280

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11. Aiki Concepts Aikido - Marion County

· 3 reviews

5805 E 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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12. Grandmaster Park's Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo - Marion County

· 17 reviews

1744 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240

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13. Eastside Family Karate - Marion County

· 21 reviews

9423 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

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14. Bujinkan Indianapolis Dojo - Marion County

· 4 reviews

605 S High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241

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15. Providence Star Martial Arts Academy - Lawrence

· 7 reviews

4711 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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