Best Mountain Bike Lessons Indianapolis Near Me

1. The Headquarters Mountain Bike Skills Park - Marion County

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The Headquarters Mountain Bike Skills Park
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Address: 3130 E 30th St, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Business type: Park

The Headquarters Mountain Bike Skills Park: what do users think?
Pamela Murillo: Great place for the bike enthusiasts. Took my 9 year old son with his bike and the officers were very helpful and friendly. They had bikes and helmets to borrow as well as water and CLIF bars for the riders. We will definitely come back again for another event!
nick margol: It looks like it would be fun but the gates were locked and no inclination of hours.
Jane Howard: It looks like a wonderful park. Both Google maps and their FB page states the park is open, after a 45 minute drive we discover the park was closed. Such a wasted recourse 🙎‍♀️
Kurtis Rumple: I went on 3/30/22 and it was closed (the gate was locked). So I went into the community center (located directly in front) to see if they could open it. They said they couldn’t and directed me to the police station across the street. So I went across the street and the police station said to ask…the community center I had just left. There is no phone number posted at the gate so I looked up the Facebook page and there was no phone number but there was a link to the Indy PD page and it listed the non-emergency number…which I called and they gave me a number to the parks department which I called and ultimately got the voicemail. I was frustrated by this fruitless process but bummed because the different things inside the fence on which you could bike looked like a lot of fun. I’m hoping to go back again but only when I can confirm the gate will be unlocked.
AJ Thomas: Doesn't seem to be open in the winter but looks cool and there are a few places to ride right outside of the gate.
Michael Sneed: Awesome place to have fun! I didn't expect it to be so nice being the area of town. John is awesome plus he repaired mine an my son's bikes when they broke down. As a huge supporter or law enforcement I highly recommend this hidden gem! Thanks again John 👍👍
Christopher Moore: This bike park is a labor of love maintained by two bike patrol cops and whatever volunteers they can get, and it's fantastic. Hours for the area inside the fence are inconsistent, on account of this being a 100% volunteer effort. There's an emphasis on introducing younger people to mountain biking. The experienced riders helped my son get comfortable clearing the obstacles. Helmets, extra bikes, Cliff bars, and water were all provided the last time we were there, if you needed any of that. The Facebook group for the park is the only place I'm aware of to get up to date information on the schedule for the park and mountain bike outreach events. I love it that this place exists.
Jerry Eastman: Family oriented fun park. Trails for all skill levels on the grounds of the old city zoo.
B E: Really cool place. Thanks and much appreciation to the people who set this up and maintain it. The facility might have been designed to inspire younger riders but I assure you an adult can get a workout and have some fun. The park has jumps of different heights, drops of different heights, obstacles and features of different skill levels. There is a small wooded trail that has both beginner and intermediate routes. I will be back!

2. Town Run Trail Park - Marion County

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Town Run Trail Park
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Address: 5325 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: (317) 327-4553

Business type: Park

Town Run Trail Park: what do users think?
Jorge Lopez: Awesome trails for all levels
Christian Dodd: It’s closed
Madison M: Excellent dirt trail prime for biking and suitable for the alert walker/runner. With glimpses of the white river and a winding path this gem of a park is situated between 465, a housing addition and a sort of commercial district. Don’t forget to ride under 465 and hit the south loop for an extended trip. You might as well stop at Oliver Woods Preserve while you are there. Enjoy plenty of parking and an area suitable for a semi-sketchy kayak launch (this could be revamped a bit) or take out. This park is perfect for a lowkey Sunday stroll. Enjoy!
Ruben Enriquez: Town Run Trail, one of the best Biking trail around!
Jonathan McCrory: Love this gem in the middle of the city. Hard enough on the bike at pace to keep interest and enough alternate routes to bring my kids and teach them mountain biking safely.
The Bike Hive: Really nice trail, especially being in such an urban area. Hard packed from heavy use. Nice place for a quick trail ride
Chris & Brandy Brockman: I walked this bike trail. It was alot of fun and enjoyed seeing all the decorations that have been added to the trail. If you wish to run or walk it make sure you get out of the way of the mountain bikers. It's almost a 7 mile loop.
Morgan Rinehart: Nice area for biking but not much else. There is not really any good way to fish here.
President Riding: Great bike park. Also been for really good runs there, moved over quickly when bikers came (only room for one on the trail) and bikers were always polite and appreciative.
Marius Peter: Best place in the area to burn off some steam after a work day or just have an easy trail ride. Great maintenance by the admins.
Joel Anthony: Hidden gem
Deluxe Ducks: Nice trial, there are 2-3 good sized jumps/dropsWish there were more of them, but still a nice scenic trail overall
Danny Sánchez Pabón: Excelente vía para disfrutar de la naturaleza, y llegar más rápido a lugares que por el tráfico prefieres no visitar. La magia del lugar al compartir todos los seres vivos en armonía y con total respeto, es única.
Robert Henry: Fun, pedal flow trailPicnic area: Picnic tables under a shelter
D Sellers: Great trail to learn.Playground: No Public restrooms: Yes Off-leash dog area: No Picnic tables: Yes Barbecue grills: No …More
Devon Loucks: Well maintained and a great ride. Moderate experience needed but easily done by a beginner.
Pescando Con Yumi: Muy bueno
Jon Harrington: I was introduced to Town Run by a coworker and it made me fall in love with mountain biking. It's been my main spot to ride and learn the basics. I look forward to getting back once the weather permits.
Mark Miller: Beautiful area. Sorry trials were closed.
Eugena Madison: Adventure in the woods
Owen Reaney: This place is awesome! The mounting biking here is insane great for anyone no matter a pro or just a casual ride! The trails are well maintained and the full loop is about 8 miles. They have great banking for high speed as well as jumps for the experienced. You can run this trail 100 times and never get board of it! Hope you have fun!

3. BOI Bicycle Outfitters Indy - Marion County

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BOI Bicycle Outfitters Indy
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Address: 1309 S High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: (317) 879-5031

Business type: Bicycle Shop

BOI Bicycle Outfitters Indy: what do users think?
MartyDJ1: Joe was great! He spent a ton of time going over my options, made countless suggestions and adjustments to get me dialed in, and I was very happy to leave there with a nice new Norco full suspension 29er.
Emily Schubnell: Joe was very helpful with my purchase. He made sure that before I left that my electric bike was in good shape and all my accessories were put on correctly. He was very kind and explained things well. Would shop here again!
Mark A. Woelfel: Very knowledgeable and helpful!
Henry Lin: Staff member publicly shamed me for using tubulars while looking for tubular supplies during College Track Cycling nationals.
brandon daurelio: Nice shop. Great selection of e-bikes! Competitive prices. Friendly staff
David Moore: The guys who work here are so helpful. They helped me and my wife pick out our ebikes and get them setup.
Marina Morton: Great experience. Great customer service. They knew exactly how to help me and find what I needed. Great products, many options. Will definitely shop here again.
d b: The prices are very high. When I pay $100 (plus the nickel and diming) for a very basiç tune up it would be nice if you put some air in the tires. When I got home the air pressure was so low I couldnt ride my bike. Did you put the lowest air pressure possible as a favor to me? Also, the ray of sunshine at the front counter could learn how to lean a bike. When he brings my bike out while explaining to me exactly why i dont know anything it would be nice if my bike wasnt just haphazardly leaned on a display rack. Which brings up the questions, Why isnt there a bike rack on the sales floor of the bike shop? Why do people bringing bikes in just get looked at with a perplexed stare by the guy at the counter leaving them to be the ones to say " hey can i put this some where... or..... whats up??? This is only the most basic stuff i could go on an on about the dismal customer service but i digress. Im embarrassed for you and feel sorry for you. I sense that the bike shop bussiness is really hard for BOI.Sincerely David Grey Trek.
Tim Arney: Best selection of e-bikes.
Alhassan Bayomy: I had a flat tire just the same day I changed my inner tube which was unfortunate. The staff were unwelcoming and pretty much rude. Their prices are unreasonably higher than the competition.and their customer service are very bad. I would not recommend not recommend this place to anyone. Horrible place.
Antoinette Teague: My husband went to get a part for sons bike, and I one of the guys there repeatedly accused my son of wrecking the bike saying it needed parts that had nothing wrong with it. He was very argumentive and rude. Horrible customer service. Also accused of just wanting free parts which is not true at all.
Alison Whitlow: Greg and Joe were awesome! They worked so hard to assemble my bike as quickly as possible AND swap out some pedals for me. They even waited a few mins after closing time for us to get there just so I could have it to ride the next day. Highly recommend their services!Thanks guys!Eric & Alison
Darryl Woods: I have been here a couple of times the staff seems to be friendly and ready to help. The owner has a slick attitude and seems like he doesn't want our business. Will not be back and will let my pple know. Poor workmanship in bikes. Did not even air my tire all the way. Smh.
Tina mcgriff: I called before I went in asking a few questions about repair on tire. Spoke with Greg who was Very helpful! Greg took care of me when I arrived, all my bike needed was air. He is a great salesman. He showed me a bike I fell in love with! Had to call my better half and he said no but after talking so much about Greg and the bike, we will be back on Saturday! 😉
Jake Tribbett: My gf and I paid a visit to BOI on our lunch break from riding at Southwest Way. We are fairly new to MTBs and are picking up gear as we need it. Our visit was honestly one of my favorite parts of our day.We picked up some things we needed, got a few recommendations on products and trails, and learned a few valuable riding tips.To say the staff is friendly is an understatement. I don't think I've ever felt more welcome in a retail establishment.BOI is highly recommended and is where I'll be going when I'm in the Indy area.
Stan Wright: Great people to know and to work with.Tom is great and thank you very much!
mister HU: shop online or in-person. lots of products available in-store. the bottom bracket iii purchased was about $7 cheaper than all other shops, local or online! 'preeeeeeeeshee-ate you guys!-🐨
Ron Baker: I needed a three dollar part for my Fugi. I drove 12 miles to seek advice from the best. I got it. I hope people like these are able to survive in our economy. If I can afford an update to my means of transportation I will stop here first. I like unicycles too. Taught my brother. I didn't realize at the time my mom was training me to ride horses. Balance
Joseph Loukota: Full-service bike shop that had everything I needed. A little cramped for space but very knowledgeable, friendly staff.Their hours are more consumer-friendly than many other bike shops!
r d: Very friendly an helpful
Lauren Bloom: Spoke on the phone to ask for information. Should have listened to the other reviews, very rude staff. They need to step off there high horses

4. Southwestway Park - Marion County

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Southwestway Park
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Address: 8400 Mann Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46221

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: (317) 888-0070

Business type: Park

Southwestway Park: what do users think?
waylon combs: Real nice place to go walking ride your bike ride a horse
Redd Lovely1: A lot of car break ins with broken windows and damaged doors are reportedly happening. Be careful.
Tyler Rees: Close to home and a good workout on the mountain bike
Gregory Geralds: Nice
Donna “Momma” Reedy: Didn't like it at all
Jordan Sheets: Bussin
Chris Kremer: Miles and miles of great dirt trails
K W (K.): Awesome trails, though signage ON trails a bit confusing
Kelly McMillen: A nearby location, just south of the city on Mann Rd. makes this a great place for a trek down the trails, or some mountain biking.
Larkin Brent: Nice little park with some good bike trails. Great little league games are played here. And woods around have some good mushroom hunting.
Van Par: Absolutely amazing! We often come here with our dog and emerge ourselves in nature. The trail is not too short but long enough to get you moving.
K Roberts: Close to the city and a great place to get away.
meagan mclernon: My favorite place in indy 😍 ❤️
her0 User0: Trails appear to be well maintained. Downhill section is hard to get speed for on the jumps route. Flow section looked fun.
Shannon D Beach-Summitt (Shays): Nice park, nice park trails
T L: This park is great for biking and also lots of beautiful hiking spots. A great place in Autumn!
OdysseyFan Dan: Need some updating and maintenance but good during the day.
Travis Moore: Great trails! Trail markers could be better, lots of unmarked forks, but I was just doing a casual lsr trial run so it didn't really matter. Some trails are fairly technical single track. If running or hiking you do need to be aware of mtn bikers, but all I encountered were curtious. Lots of loops to get in mileage.
Bryce Davis: Anytime there's nature involved, it's a 5 outta 5
Stanley Disman: One of the Best Parks in Indy
Tommy Cravens: The wife and I do the trails, walking trails that is

5. Fort Harrison State Park - Lawrence

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4075 reviews
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Fort Harrison State Park
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Address: 6000 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46216

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: (317) 591-0904

Business type: State park

Fort Harrison State Park: what do users think?
Aaron Ettner: I loved hunting for these mushrooms, can't wait till next year.
Sharion Farris: We love it so much , we are going again
Daniel Garcia: How great it is to live in the city with a state park so close
Zachariah Gandy: Amazing park! There are trails, playgrounds, fishing, swimming areas etc. Great place to take the family. There are no public trashcans FYI.
Charlome Miller: Glorious, clean, friendly people, lots of wildlife. Lots of various trails, horseback riding, fishing, and bird watching!
sandra albarracin: Tranquilo seguro espectacular estar en contacto con la naturaleza y tus mascotas.
Wanda Talley: It's a beautiful place to visit
Cisely Gallardo: Bonito lugar
S W: Our family loves this park. We get the season pass. Walking trails, a couple of playgrounds, fishing, horseback riding, shelters for rent, picnic's pretty much a forest in the middle of the city.
Colin Bucki: Flowers are coming in!
Chih-Wei Chen: Great place to take a nice walk. Went with the wife today and enjoyed the park
Andrew VanErt: Stayed at the Fort Harrison Inn. Cute little hotel.
Petra Gloe: Great trailsDog-friendliness: great place to take your dogs for walks
Todd Petrucciani: Hidden gem. Great place to walk, Run or ride.
Henry Frechen: This park is in Indianapolis. It has extensive well kept trails for bicycling, walking and running. There are also several outdoor open air pavilions which can be rented for the day. There are multiple picnic areas. Fishing is available in Delaware lake and Fall creek.
Elder Herrera: 🔥🕊
Debra Stong: 🔅Porter Books and Bread 🍞 is a 5🌟 restaurant in my book! 😄 They are far superior to any sandwich place on the planet! For example, I had a Poe. Yes their sandwiches are named after authors. How cool 😎 is that? And it was THE best sandwich I've ever had! Sorry Subway. The veggies on it were varied and so fresh! And they have an extensive menu. If you have a dream sandwich, you'll find it there.🔅Then, of course, there are the books 📚! They have shelves and shelves of used books at a low price. If you're looking for a book to read, you'll find 1 or 2 or... there.🔅Then, unexpectedly, there are multiple games you can play while you're eating or just hanging out. My granddaughter found one she liked and we enjoyed it thoroughly as we continued to wipe our hands before each turn.😁 We couldn't have had more fun! Just like we do at home!🔅Then there's the ambience. Being surrounded by people just hanging out, eating and enjoying each other and their surroundings.🔅But I gave the park itself 4🌟 because I was in an electric wheelchair and there were fallen trees in the path and I couldn't negotiate that of course, abruptly ending my excursion.😢🔅And I would venture to say the park was even a three-star because the museum was only about tools of war. How about featuring a Peace Museum? Including all of those who have worked for peace in Indiana. Now that's something that would be meaningful to me and uplifting for others. Let's focus our minds on Peace 🕊!
Suahil Duran: Bellísimo
Bryan M.: Closest state park to Indy. Really busy most days, but very nice. There is a long paved trail as well as several wooded ones.
Brian Suhy: Wow. First time visiting, took our two great danes on a wonderful walk. Looks like there's a lot of different trails to explore for walking, hiking, running, and biking. Definitely going back!
Don Dunn: Beautiful place and hide away

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