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Azmyth School of Music Technology Indianapolis Music Academy, Piano, Drums, Guitar & More Indianapolis Suzuki Academy Bongo Boy Music School Meridian Music School Carmel Music Academy School of Rock Rock Garage Bach to Rock Zionsville Bach to Rock Fishers Bach to Rock Carmel

1. Azmyth School of Music Technology - Marion County

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5130 Brouse Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

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Azmyth School of Music Technology: what do users think?
Em S: Good studio, good school, nice employees, and clean facility. I dig it
Noah Palmquist: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThe best option for music production school in the midwest. Great instructors and awesome student facilities.
Tom谩s D铆az: This place taught me everything I know about the music industry and sound engineering. But not just that! There鈥檚 a huge network of artists, producers and engineers that makes for a great environment. Teachers are personable and understanding and the equipment is top notch. Todo el amor pa azmyth!
MUSIC IS LIFE RECORDS: Great program and great instructors. The 20 week program gives you plenty of hands on experience and time to learn.
Max Schultz: Took a tour and was very impressed. The instructors all seemed very knowledgeable. Plan on starting in the Spring.
Kevin Klaich: I've been a student since January of 2019! Since I've been attending, I've learned key skills on production and engineering that I would have never learned off watching youtube videos. You can't learn EQ and Compression off videos, you need hands on training and Azmyth provides that. When you're a student you are not just learning how to mix, or set up the mics for a musician or band to record a session. You are learning signal flow, how sound travel works, proper acoustics etc but you are also networking on the business side of the industry. The tuition amount is very affordable with payment plans compared to other schools like fullsail. Learn at your own speed, ask questions and get answers. Great atmosphere, great engineers, great mentors. I definitely wish I found this school years ago!!!!
Dyllen Nance: I learned so much from staff at Azmyth. Would not be where I'm at without them.
Lindsay: They have a very well rounded program. Great instructors.
Nathan Martin: Great facility and extremely knowledgeable staff.
Paul Giglio: Our son attended this program and has nothing but great things to say about it.
Daniel Feliciano: This is the ideal place to be if anyone is trying to grasp every element of the music industry. From microphone polar patterns to midi production to music publishing. I am forever grateful for my experience.
Levi Townsend: Amazing program!! The teachers & mentors were amazing in helping me learn real-world audio engineering skills based on my style & interest. I was able to run paying studio sessions on my own before I had finished the 20-week program!
I Am John Kelley: Great program and instructors
CJ Myers: Do yall take fasfa
jonathan trinosky: I found this to be a great experience. The coarse is very hands on and focused on real world experience. I would highly recommend.
Melvin Smith: I toured this summer and plan to start in the fall. Looks like a great facility and the people know what they are doing.
Drew Taylor: My experience at the Indianapolis' Azmyth School of Technology is one that will be remembered forever. Whether it was the money saved from the incredible student discount, or the sessions shadowed with some of the best engineers in the industry, I feel confident saying I can walk into any studio anywhere and know what I'm doing behind the board. The professional staff members such as Ryan Adkins, Travis Moore, and Carey Goodspeed will help you through any technical difficulties you should face in any of the studios as a student. I would also like to mention that shortly after graduating the program I received a call for an interview at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA. Again, I would not be in this position if it wasn't for Azmyth and their dedicated staff. I can forever call this place home.
Thomas Roosa: Azmyth has a very focused learning path and great instructors. I would highly recommend their program
Tyler Weaver: I went through this program about 4 years ago and to this day I still call azmyth home. You will learn everything you need to succeed in the music industry.
MP Lyons: I graduated from ASMT, interned at ASMT and was hired by ASMT. Excellent instructors and curriculum. One on one instruction. The studio is your classroom... no boring lectures.
Carey Goodspeed: Since the day I stepped into Azmyth School of Music Technology I have been learning and will be forever grateful for the professional experiences I've had and yet to have. One on one, professional, real life, clients, national artist experience.. need I go on?It's a great place to learn to become an Audio Engineer, Producer or a Mixing Engineer.. You get it all.

2. Indianapolis Music Academy, Piano, Drums, Guitar & More - Marion County



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5703 S East St Suite F, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Indianapolis Music Academy, Piano, Drums, Guitar & More: what do users think?
Margaretha Madison: Very nice and patient with my grandson. It was our first time there
Clarissa: Does anyone know much about the singing teacher? My daughter just started taking lessons there but wasn't sure if we wanted to stick with her. It looks like MIKE is a great teacher but I haven't saw any comments about her.
Connie Doolin: Very attentive and very professional.
Ericka Gorman: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityMy son has been taking piano lessons with Charles for a few months now, and it has been a great experience. Charles is so patient and answers all of his questions (and there鈥檚 a lot). My son looks forward to his classes every week! They鈥檙e so flexible with allowing Zoom classes as well as makeup classes. Very glad we found this place.
George Meade: Positive:Quality
Thea A: My daughter loves coming here for her piano lessons. The staff here are so friendly, and her teacher is very patient. Glad we found this place!
Jessica Britt: We absolutely love Mr. Mike! My two daughters can't wait for their weekly lesson with him. He is so patient and a very understanding teacher. Their confidence has grown and also their focus. The office is also understanding of vacations and missed lessons. Now my younger two daughters can't wait to start!
Nguncer Bualteng: Excellence instructors there. My sons enjoy taking guitar and violin lessons.
The Button Mom Cricut for Beginners: Great school to learn multiple instruments! It has multiple individual classrooms, teachers are great and patient. Price wise it's okay but wish lessons were longer. Highly recommend
Stacie neathery: We're so happy we chose Indianapolis Music Academy for our daughter! It was so hard finding a left-handed guitar for our little lefty that we were afraid finding an instructor would be another challenge. Thank goodness we found you! The director of the academy was so excited to have a 9 year old lefty! Our daughter's guitar instructor, Nolan has been great, too! We have already told people that they should come here for all their "learning an instrument" needs!
Marie Vil Flores: We just moved here from Colorado and I am very glad that I chose this academy for my children to continue with their guitar and piano lessons because this place has great instructors and awesome and friendly staff. They responded to my emails promptly and I am looking forward for more great lessons. Thank you!
KRISTA THEURER: We have been very happy! My sons have had an excellent experience with their instructors for guitar and drums. Ricky has been extra patient and encouraging with my drummer. My guitar player loves his lessons with Mike and has learned so much in just a few months. Highly recommend.
Kim Thach: Both of my daughters take guitar lessons here and they absolutely love it. We look forward to coming every week. Staff is always super friendly.
Casey Adams: Guitar lessons with Mike has been a great experience for our daughter. She has shown steady improvement and is enjoying how this has made music class in school easier for her. We are enjoying her having this additional skill in her life.
Santa Augustyniak: My 8 year old son has been taking lessons with Mike Middleton for over a year now. He鈥檚 a wonderful teacher and very patient with children. Music is so important and such a confidence booster for any child. The staff, including Beth at the front desk is also very friendly and helpful.
Patrycja Glowik: Excellent instruction here! If you want to learn in fun and encouraging environment that is the place to go!
Jane Lee: A wonderful delightful place for music lessons. Great staff, talented experienced teachers and the owner cares about improving the school constantly! Highly highly recommend!
Rod Stevens: Great place to learn guitar! Affordable, fun, friendly, laid back atmosphere but with a focus on learning music. Brandon is a great guy and an excellent guitarist as well as a patient instructor. Doesn't intimidate or talk down to students.
Brooks Bemis: Mike is a great teacher with great patience and experience. He helped to deepen my appreciation for music and learn to play my 1st instrument. Always enjoyed my lessons!
Troy Roberts: This is a great place to learn how to play. Music they teach guitar lessons an drum lessons an other instruments there very good at wat they do an its a very good invirament for any one to learn how to play music.
maggie roth: I've been taking drum lessons here for a few months. I've learned tons and having a good time.

3. Indiana State School Music Assoc. - Marion County

路 4 reviews

100 Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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4. Indianapolis Suzuki Academy - Marion County

路 2 reviews

3959 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

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Indianapolis Suzuki Academy: what do users think?
Daneilla Hyde: My son and I love Suzuki Academy. It Feels Like Home Away From Home. All the students are nice parents are welcoming. And the teachers are amazing.
Jim Kincaid: The Indianapolis Suzuki Academy has been great for our little girl. She started at 2 and is now 3. She sings songs, dances, plays instruments and is learning basic theory (wether she knows it or not). She is excited to learn more and sings the songs and dances the routines all week in anticipation of her next class. I can not recommend the academy highly enough.

5. Bongo Boy Music School - Marion County

路 55 reviews

8481 Bash St # 1100, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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Bongo Boy Music School: what do users think?
Amima Syeda: it so good prince philip wa shere and so was ,lotion girl omg it wasa the time of my lifre but i smelt curry very second 馃懚馃徑
Moor dUb: Went to the drum circle for the first time, fun experience, and the the owners are very friendly. Plenty of drums to use, and separate ones to purchase also. The place is big with many training or teaching rooms, I didn鈥檛 have much time to really check it out.
Susan Huehls: Scheduling has been very easy, including a free initial trial meeting with the recommended instructor. The staff is all very friendly and flexible.
Dawn Lambert: Excellent music school! My son has lessons with Ben. He has been a great mentors for my son. He structures lessons around his interest to teach the appropriate skills, he assists him in structuring reasonable goals for improvement and he always exudes a passion for music that engages my son in exploring new possibilities. It's a bit of a drive for us but completely worth the education and connections.
Laurence Wachs: The best staff and experience for my gfrandson. Learning to enjoy music at a very young age and now learing to play violin at age 4. Theyve made learning fun and memorable.
Ronnie Pruitt: We love bongo boy music. Ed and Lisa are amazing. Jam with the Fam on Saturday mornings is a great way to start the day with your kids.
Anne Paluszny: My daughter took music production lessons with Ed. She learned so much! Happy to say she was accepted to every university she applied to, including her top choice: Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Only 15 kids are accepted into the Sound and Audio Engineering program each year and she got in!! They were impressed with the portfolio she submitted, part of which was created in Ed鈥檚 studio. But that鈥檚 not all鈥 Jacobs offered her several scholarships, so her lessons with Ed have really paid off. Thanks, Ed!
Juan Lopez: Went as a group for the drum circle. The staff was super cool and friendly. We had a blast drumming with the facilitator. He made it very easy to get into a groove. Highly recommend. "1, 2, back to the groove!" 馃槑
greg botos: Fantastic! What a wonderful place for private lessons. Studios are well equipped. Large welcoming area for parties with drum circles for all ages.
Kay: Great fun and loved the people there!
Ben J Farmer: Awesomeness!!!!!
Karon Wallace: Great for kids
Ben Phelps: Great place for music lessons, on all instruments. They also have a recording studio, and a large group instruction room they use for weekly drum circles.
Krystal Crawford-Zimmermann: We have taken our daughter when she was 6mths old and now at 15mths old! She enjoys the interaction with other children and the music she can create with the tools that are given! Highly recommend!
Dean Ballenger: What a fun place to go on a Saturday morning with little kids. The lady there is the most enthusiastic & passionate person I've ever seen to work with children.
Janaule Young: My two year olds loved it
Nadine Medley: What a fun and Upbeat experience
Robert Mcilvaine: Great place
Sarah Ballenger: Always a great time at the family jam with Miss Lisa!
Ed & Gloria Gaus: Bongo Boy Music, Inc is the best music school in Indy. I can't say enough good things about it.
Danielle Fuller: We had the best time. Our son's birthday party was a hit and the staff was so helpful! We would definitely go again.

6. Meridian Music School - Carmel

路 14 reviews

845 W Carmel Dr, Carmel, IN 46032

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Meridian Music School: what do users think?
Jason Beatty: My nieces take lessons with Joe Faith, and all three of them have a lifelong love of music thanks to his careful instruction. His agility allows the oldest to play piano, clarinet, and Saxophone and he is able to teach all three in a fun and exciting way that doesn鈥檛 pigeonhole them into an antiquated, stuffy method book like your parents suffered.I am also a former student of the Meridian Music School, having studied two different instruments at various times in my life. My experience was equally good.You can trust your children鈥檚 music education to Meridian Music School.
Angie Xiu: Positive:Quality,ValueVery nice teachers and a nice place to learn music.
Lisa Washburn: Miss Olena is a wonderful piano teacher for my 6- and 12-year-old!
Murad Aburajab: My two kids have been going for the past year .Kati is an excellent Violist and my daughter enjoys her class a lot . She constantly gives her feedback on her performance and encourages her a lot . We are so happy with Kati. The music school by itself is nice , clean and close to where we live . So far we have been lucky to be there .
Alice Zhao: My daughter and I enjoy the Toddler Tunes class!
Marc Lee: some disrespectful instructors
Kevin: I've know this company and the owner for years. They are outstanding in the area of music education. I would highly recommend Meridian Music School and their teachers. Indianapolis is fortunate to have Meridian Music as a cornerstone of the music community.
Bowen Song: Many teachers are not professional. They play very poorly and they do not have the ability to teach students. They are also unprepared for lessons, making a lot of mistakes when teaching. For example I heard a piano teacher telling the student to play the wrong note and wrong tempo with the wrong intensity when teaching a Mozart sonata. Last but not least, some teachers are so arrogant. I heard one teacher saying that she can teach any piano piece in the world. Pardon me?? Teaching every piano piece?? You must be kidding.So strongly not recommended this place.
O H: Meridian music is a great place for any age student to learn the instrument of their preference. My daughter has been a student for over 3 years now starting at the age of 5, she absolutely loves her piano teacher Ms. Olena!At consistent recital performances the progress of music teaching shows with every student's play. Music teachers at this school do a great job raising young talents!

7. Carmel Music Academy - Carmel

路 41 reviews

13295 N Illinois St, Carmel, IN 46032

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Carmel Music Academy: what do users think?
Kimberly Robinson: My son takes guitar from Erich and he has been so amazing for our boy. They have similar music interests and share a love and passion for music, so he has inspired him to practice and get better. The owner is so kind and he genuinely cares about the kids and their musical education. I can鈥檛 recommend this school enough!
Ivy Hostetler: The experiences my kids have had here have been great! Such great staff.
Rebecca Hubbard: I have been an adult student of CMA since July 2017 and both of my sons joined CMA as a result of my good experience. CMA has helped me develop my piano skills to the point I play publicly with confidence. The instructors cater their lessons to your learning method and your preferences in music while teaching you skills to further your personal goals. Highly recommended!!!!
Meg Leising: I was told that the owner would be reaching out to me two weeks ago, and I haven't heard from them. My biggest concern with this place is their administration, specifically their lack of communication and customer service.Essentially, with two weeks of our first lessons, both of my children accumulated a make-up lesson because they were absent. During enrollment, I was told they would never expire and could be made up anytime. However, when I went to schedule them, I was told that make-ups only happen during the weekend (which would never work for my family, so I never would have agreed to this). After expressing my frustration for the contradicting information, one of the assistant managers assured me that their make-ups could be completed post enrollment, during their regularly scheduled lessons.Here is an email I sent, and have not received a response...I find it very disconcerting that you can鈥檛 take ownership of your mistake and make it right. On two separate occasions, you advised me that makeups could be done on the same day/time as their lessons post unenrollment. The first instance was after they had both accumulated their first makeup. I was upset to learn that there were no makeups available on the weekdays, because we aren鈥檛 available on the weekends. The only thing you said to appease my frustrations was that they could use their makeups at the end of their 鈥渆nrolled鈥 lessons, prior to offering that day/time to new students. I never questioned it the first time you told me that, and I didn鈥檛 question it the day I unenrolled them. I made it very clear what my expectations were.Customer service is all about keeping your word and owning up to mistakes you may have made. It鈥檚 really unfortunate to be treated this way. We had every intention of picking back up in the spring. Additionally, I am a teacher and have referred CMA numerous times to parents. I no longer feel like I can do those things.I look forward to a phone conversation with the owner. I am hopeful they can acknowledge that this miscommunication was not my fault.
Robert Muncie: My daughter loves coming to music lessons. Such a great environment
Christine Hodgin: Our teen started with CMA when he was 9 years old. He came home from school one day, super excited about wanting to play rock music. We enrolled him at CMA where they helped him discover bass guitar.We read that learning music can improve math skills and we definitely needed improvement. Not only did he begin improving his mathematical thought process, he was motivated to play for audiences large and small at amazing venues, and often within a band, creating confidence!! This kept him out of trouble and still does to this day! He values and looks forward to lessons, band members, and especially, seeing the staff and his teachers!!We are grateful to have added this rhythm to not just his life, but to ours as well!!!!Parents of Elliott HODGINStudent of Carmel Music Academy
Melissa Goad: Excellent. Could not ask for a better more patient music learning experience.
Chris Capelle: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueDedicated to their craft!
Stephanie Springborn: Watching our kids shine on stage is so much fun! They truly learn to love the art of performance and gain an appreciation of music.
Andrea Doran: Our son has learned so much from being involved in the CMA band program. Not only the obvious Music growth and improvement from talented instructors, but building friendships, working through challenges, learning to be more open and willing to listen to peers opinions. Most of all Lots of fun doing live performances. CMA Band program ROCKS.
Melissa Cyders: Good teachers and staff. However, we recently had to end our children's lessons due to unexpected financial reasons from the pandemic. They would not budge on making us pay for an additional month of lessons. To be fair, the initial contract says you have to pay for the month of lessons following when you cancel, but there really is no flexibility in this policy, even during a pandemic or when lessons are online and not face-to-face. After my initial negative review, the director did reach out and offer us a compromise solution and asked me to edit my review, which I am doing. We did still have to pay for the extra month of lessons, which is a big financial stress.
Guisselle Martinez: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Value
riley waybright: I love playing
Carito Cogua: What a terrible service, the website says they are open 9am - 9pm but we came and they are close and the leasing office said they just open after 2pm. If you won鈥檛 be able during the times that you post, don鈥檛 make people lost their time
Renee Becker: Our son loves to learn music in a very fun, engaging and personalized way. He is being taught to primarily use his sense of sound to learn how to play piano and I find that so much more applicable to a 5 year old. Although we understand reading music is also important, he quickly corrects himself almost instantly based on hearing the notes. He is also being taught his favorite song by a rock band and I find that to be an excellent way to get kids to retain the teachings and stay interested in learning more. He looks forward to his lessons each week and I am so happy we signed him up.
Minjie Yoon: My 7yrs daugher has good expierens here a lot, Teachers have encouranged her in positive way. Thank you so much.
Abitunde Taiwo: Excellent experience
Mark Juleen: Riley really enjoys working with Joe to learn the guitar, and also sing and play with The Hurricanes. Thanks for being a great place to grow in music!
Walker B: Seriously, how many places can you go that the owner is a rock star. Great place, professional staff, and wonderful atmosphere. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who would like to learn.
wqgtesGV FAsefesF: I had a great time working with the teachers here. It was a really fun and easy atmosphere to learn in.
Sean & Cecilia Rowe: Carmel Music Academy is a wonderful place to learn music! The owners really care, and they have kind, welcoming staff and teachers. Highly recommend for students of all ages!

8. School of Rock - Zionsville

路 2 reviews

675 S Main St, Zionsville, IN 46077, United States

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School of Rock: what do users think?
James Pacovsky: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueGreat school with a fantastic curriculum. Kids learn musical proficiency and how to play cool songs quickly. They build confidence on stage which helps translate into the confidence they build in their daily lives.

9. The Music Playhouse - Marion County

路 1 reviews

The Riviera Club, 5640 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

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The Music Playhouse: what do users think?
cat kegeris: My daughter loved this very entertaining and educational intro to music! I definitely recommend this class for someone interested in getting their young child into something educational yet fun! Classes are mommy or daddy and me! Perfect socialization for the at home mommy or daddy and baby or toddler!!

10. School of Rock - Carmel

路 9 reviews

626 S Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032

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11. Rock Garage - Marion County

路 8 reviews

8115 Center Run Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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12. Bach to Rock Zionsville - Carmel

路 6 reviews

10895 N Michigan Rd Suite 100, Zionsville, IN 46077

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13. School of Rock - Fishers

路 51 reviews

11740 Olio Rd Suite 100, Fishers, IN 46037

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14. Bach to Rock Fishers - Fishers

路 1 reviews

12514 E 116th St, Fishers, IN 46037

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15. Bach to Rock Carmel - Westfield

路 67 reviews

2480 E 146th St, Carmel, IN 46033

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