Best Wok Restaurants In Indianapolis Near Me

1. Fast Wok - Marion County

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1058 reviews
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Fast Wok
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Address: 10116 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Tue

Telephone: (317) 895-9234

Business type: Chinese restaurant

Fast Wok: what do users think?
Kathy Rahmatullah: Fast wok is the best. I hope mama recovers soon. Sending good thoughts her way
Eli Klein: This place is amazing and I can’t wait for it to open back up. I keep checking here to see if the status has changed
aeg aeg: 2021 Orange chicken, beef broccali food tasted old
Taylor: Unfortunately probably won't reopen
pastorpain1969: Great food. Been getting fast wok for guys at work every Thursday for 20 years until mama had her stroke. Hopefully they will open again in june
Nique Rene: Come baaaackkkkk please 😭😭😭 I missss youuuuu why y’all doing this to us.
David B Thomas: I like they food it is good super good you should eat here
Angela Yates: Miss you. Praying for your health and healing. Hope to see you soon.
Tequila Wright: This place is amazing! I give them 5 stars because they deserve it! You ladies (& I think gentlemen) rock! Thanks for the food! 😘I get the beef pepper steak and General Tso's Chicken every time I go on the days of combo, or if I go on any other day I just would get General Tso's Chicken.
Kay Wells: Is there a possibility that the restaurant will not ever open up again. We have been patrons since Eastgate mall days and was just wondering since there has already been a few re-opening days that did not work. Food was always satisfying..
lytyre10: Still hasn't been open yet in 2023
Theresa Helfrich: Ive been going to Fast Wok since it opened at Eastgate. Great food!!! and you do have to wait sometimes but it's worth it
Becky Henthorn: When is this place going to open back up it says January 3 2023 but it's not open
Charlotte Mason: She has The best Hot chicken and Mongolian beef in the world 🌍 IT'S SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS 💃🏽 🤸🏾‍♀️🏆💞😍😋 🍽️💃🏽
Jennifer Alley: In from out of town and stopped by, as is our tradition. Sign on the door informing of "Closed Until January 2023." I don't know if they are renovating or on extended leave. I wish they had updated their Google posting and saved me a trip. Still, looking forward to my next visit.
doris massey: Food is delicious and plentiful for your money..I’m sorry that they’re closed until January 2023..I need some good food in my life…
Ashley Brandenburg: This food is absolutely delishes! The best there is around in my opinion. Yes the line is mostly always long but it is worth the wait! 😋I'm not sure when she's re-opening, I seen it said September 1st but it's still closed and there hasn't been an update whether or not they'll even open back up. I'm hoping so but it's not looking good. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
O Alex: Their food Is jus 🔥 smh.! & enjoyable To see the older ladies serving vs. Your average Chinese restaurant. ☺☺
Prince Gee: They have open on google but not open when you get to the actual location

2. Golden Wok - Marion County

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Golden Wok
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Address: 3429 S East St D, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: (317) 784-0108

Business type: Chinese restaurant

Golden Wok: what do users think?
Nicholas Qualkenbush: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Johnny Guiterro: Terrible restaurant they half cook they’re Food i was sick to my stomach for about a week They tend to not understand very well how you want your food cooked properly
Missy Doty: Went last night and the staff was nice. The fried rice was really good, but I agree with other reviews that the crab ragoon is empty. There were more onions than anything in it.
Yvette: No fried rice, my egg roll was burned and the food isn’t that good
Kyle Cook: This place is horrible, you have to yell across the room to give your order you can barely understand the woman as you can barely hear, then the price is very high I mean wow they used spaghetti noodles as chow main noodles,and give us shrimp fried rice instead of what we ordered witch was combination fried rice,don't go and be disappointed please
Tony Rice: The worst take out experience I've ever had. I ordered the bourbon chicken with white rice and a chicken skewer. The edge of every slice of bourbon chicken was so tough it was hard to consume. The white rice was even dry and that never happens. I went in at 4pm on a Monday but I called before I went and asked if everything would be made fresh after I ordered it and he said yes. That man lied and knew the food had been sitting since it was slow at that time. I couldn't even finish my meal because it was such hard work chewing it up and after getting frustrated about it I just lost my appetite . I'll never go back , I hope they go out of business for treating their customers so poorly.
Mark Stollings: Absolutely delicious food!
Katie Gammon: The food and the owners who used to be here who I know 17 years ago
Randy Rejer: My favorite go to Asian restaurant. Carry out only.
Jared Carey: Chicken fried rice was good. But $7 for empty crab Rangoon seems high.
Edward Stark: Easy to order online and pickup was quick. Great service and friendly staff.
Taylor Modory: The staff was super friendly! Crab Rangoon and egg drop soup was the best!
Lisa Dell: Everything wasn't very good. The price verses proportion was terrible. Fried rice had an old taste and the ragoons we're pretty much empty.
Ashley Brooks: I live right down the street. I order maybe once a week. Right next to Penn Station!!! Lol every single time I call.Iabsolutely love you guys. Please continue being strong during these difficult times. Your delicious food is well known and loved!!!!
Douglas Stemke: Way too sweet. While well cooked, the Chicken dish I ate was almost like eating dessert. I'm sure many people might like that level of sweetness,I just don't.
Michael Guyer: This place gets it right every time. Service is great, food is awesome, portions are huge and it's just a tiny little family run place. Corporate America could learn from these folks how to do it right!
emmalee smith: Gave us the runs! Husband said it was good it was eh to me. We've definitely had better! It was almost $40 for 2 entrees and 2 tiny appetizers.
Aimee Colvin: I paid 12 dollars for this ..they do not specify on their site or Uber eats that if you order a combo that you will get this bland rice with no carrots no pean no onion .I had a long day at work and ordered this so I can have leftovers .This immediately went in the trash wasted my money
John Canuette: I have a sea food allergy, I ordered chicken and several of the pieces of "chicken" were shrimp. I'm just glad my wife noticed while playing the food.
Rian Macklin: Very good traditional chinese take out, I eat there regularly.The only place I've found with Szechuan recipe that is spicy!
Brenda Lopez Rodriguez: Ordered my food she said be like 15 minutes and she would call me when ready I sat there 23 minutes so I go inside thought she forgot to call me she said oh sorry be like 5 more minutes sat there 10 more minutes but the food was ok but not worth sitting and waiting for almost 40 minutes

3. China Wok - Lawrence

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135 reviews
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China Wok
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Address: 6316 Oaklandon Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46236

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:45PM

Telephone: (317) 826-8627

Business type: Chinese restaurant

China Wok: what do users think?
Brian Hawkey: Good food. Friendly staff
Shai shai: Ordered spicy shrimp and vegetables lomain , turned out they don't know what spicy means.Lo main noodles were over cooked and mashed, vegetable were almost raw and for spicy shrimp, the shrimp over cooked and dried up.Just moved to the area, first time try, never again.
Mary Fernandez: Worst food ever. No flavor and rice was not edible. The noodles were old and mushy.
Matt Petsche: Ordered from here to try and switch things up from my normal chinese spot... not great experience.Was told 10 mins for pickup, food wasn't ready when I arrived - usually that's fine with me except I didn't end up getting my food for 45 mins.Woman at the counter was very busy with orders so I do understand it gets crazy... but I had to go up finally and ask where my order is at... she had it sitting at the counter for at least 5 mins, maybe 10 mins. Again, would have probably been fine except for probably 10 different people ahead of me, she would look at the order up next then shout out for the customer that it was ready to go... except for whatever reason she did not for mine. She looked at my order probably 3 separate times and did nothing. I assumed it was because it wasn't ready, but obviously found out otherwise. Thankfully I asked otherwise my order would have sat for awhile.Food is pretty good, but man that was just a painful service experience. Might give it one more try but disappointed in this attempt
Zachary Cole: I've been going here for 3 years now and the quality has been consistently amazing. Also the only Chinese takeout I can request extra spicy and they will absolutely deliver.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Jake Nabinger: Nice crispy chicken dishes!
loyaltoself goddess: Go somewhere else the food is horrible not worth the money and the chicken taste like it was fried in bad oil
un known: This place is different. general tso's chicken doesn't come with broccoli or any veggies. spring rolls, undercooked. Egg rolls are good.
LeXx Aesthetic: Recommended dishes Beef Lo Mein, General TSO's Chicken左宗鸡, Crab Rangoon, Egg Drop Soup, Orange Chicken, chicken with mixed vegetable水煮杂菜鸡More
Destiny Rivera: One of the best “take out” restaurants around! Quick and good food.
Evan Burton: Always quickFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Nieka McDowell: Possibly the WORST Chinese food I’ve ever had. Will not return for this overpriced, dried out, bland food.
Katrice Dade: Recommended dishes Vegetable Chow Mein or Chop SueyMore
Patricia Lester: Haven't been here in a minute the food was good.
Eric Cheatham: China Wok is awesome, very good food, tasty and delicious, the service is fast and friendly, thank you china Wok
Bella hayes: Food was just not good. Hot and sour soup did not taste right. Everything just tasted off.
Joanna Spoon: This is a family favorite! They are fast, efficient, and the food is always amazing! They always get the order right and they are wonderful people that work there. We will be lifelong customers!
Geneva Frazier: Best Chinese restaurant around. The fried dumplings are amazing and the General Tso chicken I can't get enough of. It is all really good food, a must try.
Kyle Austin: First time trying this place and I will definitely go back again. Placed a bigger order for dinner and leftovers and it was ready in 10-15 minutes. Guy behind the counter was very helpful and answered any questions I had and making a special order for me. Would suggest to anyone in the area.
Jennifer Cordova: Good food ❤️

4. King Wok - Marion County

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269 reviews
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King Wok
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Address: 4150 Lafayette Rd D, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: (317) 295-8090

Business type: Vietnamese restaurant

King Wok: what do users think?
Brianna Davis: Best vietnamese food in Indianapolis for sure.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Chicken Fried Rice, Pho, Dumplings, Goi Cuon Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Lemongrass Chicken Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free parking lot …More
Jason Collins: Stopped in for a quick lunch and was very impressed. I have enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine for many years, and this restaurant did not disappoint. Summer rolls with shrimp and pork were freshly made, and the seafood egg noodle soup was hearty and served in a rich and flavorful broth. Their version of Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk is also a must.
William Deakin: This is easily the best Chinese/Vietnamese/Japanese restaurant I've had since moving to Indiana. I am a HUGE fan of oriental cuisine and have tried most of the Chinese etc. restaurants in the Phoenix metro area. The Crab Rangoons had an amazing flavor profile and substantially more and larger pieces of crab than any places I've been. I got the General Tso's chicken, which is a lot more similar to Orange Chicken but still amazing. Had a decent bite to it though, so if you don't care for that make sure to order it not spicy. My wife got the Katsudon which was also outstanding with a really soft texture. Our mother in law ordered the Shrimp Tempura which was cooked and seasoned perfectly. 100% recommend this to anyone who is a fan of oriental cuisine.Vegetarian options: They had various vegetarian options for people who want/need those.
Mark L: Hidden gem in Indianapolis. One of the few restaurants that actually has vegetarian pho (vegetarian soup base does not use beef stock). Never disappoints with quality of food.
Twon Is Twon: Pho broth is great, not the best ever but the new fav since saigon changed ownership, best Ive had for the west side of indy. Service is standard, not exceptional but not bad. The place is clean. Tried the summer rolls and they were alright, a little above average. When I eat here I come for Pho, and I get the hot tea (jasmine green).
keely simonson: It's a bit of a hole in the wall... But don't let the storefront fool you. YUM YUM YUM. our go-to appetizer is the tofu steak. Literally cannot find anything like it anywhere else. Sweet and crunchy, but not overly breaded. Just wow. As for entrée deliciousness, you can't go wrong with the lemongrass dishes, or the bun options.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Ben Lierman: King Wok has always been at the top of the Vietnamese game in Indianapolis. The Pho is brilliant, but they have so much more. They have restyled the menu, and offer Vietnamese and home made chinese. They can be a little inattentive as far as service goes, but I still love this place.Parking: Strip mall has adequate parking
Jos Z: Consistently good. Bun Bo Hue all the way.
Zak Stewart: Good food
Sharon Wolfe: Great FoodFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Tim Obendorf: This is authentic Vietnamese with great fish sauce and spring rolls. Get out of Indy for this one.
Elijah Demaree: My family and I have been going to this restaurant for years. Easily one of the most underrated restaurants in Indy! I absolutely love this place!
Alize BJ: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Spring Roll, Dumplings, Pan-Fried Dumplings, Tempura, Pho, Jasmine TeaMore
Nicholas Brown: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Connie Owens: Best kept secret. Authentic vietnamese menu. Better food than east or west coast. IYKYK.
Charles Caprarella: Best resteraunt in Indiana and maybe in the USA. Whatever you order will be ridiculously delicious. I get number 106 and vegetarian spring rolls usually but everything is phenomenal. Prices and service are outstanding. Place is clean. Family run.
Brian Worfolk: Great tasting food and awesome experience! I ordered the lemongrass chicken and it was amazing and full of flavor. I highly recommend King Wok and I will be back again!Kid-friendliness: Great place for kidsParking: Lots of free parking in plaza
Alexandria Conner: Tried the bun bo hue and was not disappointed. The broth was absolutely delicious and the meat was flavorful. The jasmine tea was nice and warm on a brisk fall day. The service was fast and friendly with no wait time.
Manpreet: Oh my goodness, so nummy. First time trying Vietnamese food and it didn’t disappoint. We had the chicken fried rice and chicken lo mein.

5. King's Wok - Marion County

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101 reviews
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King's Wok
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Address: 4915 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46224

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM

Telephone: (317) 297-3636

Business type: Chinese restaurant

King's Wok: what do users think?
Jason Smith: Great food.Never had an issue.
Wulffx: Awesome food for sure‼️ I recommend here especially if you live on the west side in Indy!
Death Mode: Very good food and worthy place to eat :)
Katie Sells: Terrible customer service. Half of my order was not delivered by Uber Eats. Neither King’s Wok or Uber Eats would help me. The person at King’s Wok was rude and unhelpful on the phone. Do not recommend.
Troy R: It’s so nasty and dry 🤮🤮🤮🤮 never again! Rude workers and bad food🤮🤮🤮
Vincent Samaro: Food was dry and nasty! Never again!
Caitlin K: Don’t even waste your money! I wish I could give them zero stars!! This is the 2nd time ordering from them this month and the last order was really dry and gross but thought it was a fluke, but this time, 3 out of 5 items were extremely dry and inedible so I decided to call and the manager said that she could give me 10% off my next order and refused to credit the 3 items. One of the items was white rice. How do you mess up plain white rice?? I’ve been ordering food there for the last 10 years and have NEVER requested a credit. Their quality has really gone down yet their prices have gone up.
Caty misskitty: Highly recommend
Theylove Makyla: One of the best Chinese food places! Taste good & fresh all the time !
Brook Ausbrook: The food was absolutely amazing and delicious considering we were from out of state visiting my son. Would definitely recommend.
zu guo: Great service. Food Allways fresh and hot.
SUNNIE MARTIN: Best place on the west side of Indy for Chinese food!!
Kyle Corbin: Ordered general tso chicken and it literally was the best I've had will definitely be bck cooked to order and fast! Egg rolls where delicious as well
Moon Child: All around good food. There are times when the rice is a little undercooked and grainy. If the rice was cooked consistently soft I would give it four stars. Everything else on menu I have no complaints.
Jesus Martinez: I do not recommend this restaurant. The service sucks. The food is terrible. I love Chinese food ,but this food was the worst that I've tasted!!!!! I give it 00000 stars.
davids myname: Food is good and I never feel like I got robbed due to jewelry prices at other chinese places.
Local Investor: I prefer to think of them as the best take-out Chinese restaurant on the west side. The supper at King's Wok was delicious.When you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a wonderful meal and you will not be disappointed. Recommended 💥💥
H romero: Muy sabroso de verdad, y porciones muy grandes
Mike Gray: The food is authentic and so delicious when ever you guys get a chance go and try for yourselves you want be disappointed
Connor Howard: Best carry out chinese food on the west side. Love eating at King's Wok
Rochelle Clark: They have the best Chinese food

6. China Wok - Marion County

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112 reviews
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China Wok
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Address: 9546 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (317) 570-2788

Business type: Chinese restaurant

China Wok: what do users think?
Matt Wilson: Been here a few times. Tons of lunch specials at a great price. Food has been good each time and was ready quickly. Definitely worth a stop in.
Aaron C.: Love this location! Food is always fresh, quick and the service is top tier. I’ve never had an issue getting my order exactly right! Castleton’s best takeout Chinese!
Madelon Dawson: The food was not good.Food: 1/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 1/5 …More
April Quintana Miles: Recommended dishes Sesame Chicken, Steamed Chinese VegetablesMore
cer eal: Good food if you're in the mood, prices are far too high.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Scott Elder: Didn't eat there because they are still closed for done in due to COVID. Too bad, there is no good Chinese offerings in there castleton area....Food: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Sofia: This is the best Chinese food I’ve had in a long time. Got the General Tso’s with white rice and the broccoli was perfectly cooked with a little crunch, chicken tasted very fresh and was crunchy on the outside breading, and rice was delicious. Perfect amount of heat too. Would definitely recommend.
Roger Peter: Loved the fact that there's no dine-in to avoid the pandemic. Barely anyone does this. Everything from there was positive for me! Great hospitality and even better food.Definitely going back for an encore.There is a lot of parking if that is something of a concern for you. Not wheelchair accessible. The entire strip didn't appear to have many accessibility options.Parking: Lots of parking options in the mall area.Wheelchair accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible. The entire strip didn't appear to have many accessibility options.
Jacob Carroll: I've been a little hesitant to try Chinese food again after a bad experience at a different restaurant. But a few people I know recommended China Wok so I thought I'd give it a try.I'll just say, it was very solid. Went in for some fried rice and beef with mixed vegetables. Food was hot, seasoned well and tasted great. The owner seems like a cool guy too.Will definitely be back.
Delisa Cunningham: Fresh, Hot and Tasty
Amber Beverly: I love the fact that it's never gressy very fresh
Claire E: Always delicious and fresh.
Brian Bodenhamer: Decent fried rice in a Chinese desert. One of the few places I can go and like their choices. Egg rolls are good. Soup is ok.
John Watson: 2* because the eggs rolls were good. Chicken lo mein was alright but not worth ordering twice. The sesame chicken must have been cooked multiple times it was so hard, and not even remotely spicy. Making this review so I remember not to go back.
Erika B: This restaurant has excellent General Tso's Chicken and Wonton Soup! We used to live right across the street and visited frequently because of being so close. We moved about 20 minutes away but still go here for Chinese food because it's our favorite in the city. Highly recommended!
Yourhighness Rall: I love this place food is scrumptious and flavorful. Enough said.
Bret Williams: Been going here long time love the chicken on sticks there great!
J L: I absolutely love this place! The food is always fresh and hot and I've never been disappointed. The egg rolls are crispy and not chewy. I live 20 minutes away and don't mind traveling in order to get my fix.. You have to try this place.
Dan Seigel: Love the food and the portions are huge
Denver Boling: Good was great!!
Susan Bowman: We bought the shrimp and lobster and it was way too thin more like soup.We got the egg rolls and they were great but their veggies noodle dish was no taste with way too thin noodles.just not that greatI asked for their house rice and got white rice.

7. Sizzling Wok - Marion County

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197 reviews
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Sizzling Wok
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Address: 4351 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (317) 297-3441

Business type: Vietnamese restaurant

Sizzling Wok: what do users think?
Christina Marcolini: I get the same meal every time because I like it so much. Rice noodle combination. I always get a second meal frome the leftovers. Friendly, efficient service.Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free parking lot …More
Kat Dunn: Great place, will be returning. The food was hot, fast, flavorful, and affordable. Service was quick, friendly, and helpful. I had Pho Ga and egg rolls, my partner tried some of the Chinese options. We both left very full and satisfied.Kid-friendliness: High chairs available
dixie express: Vegetarian options: Well. It's availableParking: Enough.Wheelchair accessibility: None
Kathy Ladavac: Absolutely the best Pho in the city! My husband, Bob, & I had lunch at this restaurant often times 2X a week. Have tried others around country, but theirs is the most flavorful & the freshest, having been made daily. Lucy & Khan gracious hosts & always remember your name & what you had to eat the last time you visited their establishment. They are wonderful people! You’re never disappointed in their Pho! Delicious!!!
Jose Joven: Like their egg rolls very tasty. I usually order the sweet & sour chicken with white rice and hot & sour soup.
Nguyen Huynh: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5Recommended dishes Rare Pho, Pho SpecialMore
Adam Skrzeszewski: Gas
John Velarde: I ate here today. I was very disappointed. I chose a dish called a noodle and rice combination dish with beef. It had a very small amount of beef. It was mostly a bowl full of noodles. It was $9. the soda was $2. Tax was $1. Tip was $1. Total of $13.00. For a bowl of mostly noodles...??? What a joke. I could have had a better meal at Panda Express (the Taco Bell of Chinese food) for less money.
Christian Le: Absolutely the best pho I have ever had. Even better than my mother's. The owner and all the employees here are super sweet to us, and we've come to the point where, whenever we come in they ask us. "same thing?" We're glad to have found this place which gives me a little piece of home.
Zita虹BestFinancial最佳金融: Nice bistro type local Asian restaurant! Surprised to find out that majority of their dishes are under $10!!! Their pho and Chinese dishes are tasty and definitely good value for the money! My friend and I all enjoyed the authentic taste! Will definitely go back next time I’ll be in Indianapolis!
legend: My mother loves the pho at this location! We are always treated kindly and respectfully! Keep up the great work ! My favorite is the seafood pho i highly recommend it.
Pedro Fernandez: Mas de 13 años disfrutando de este delicioso lugar hoy me despido y vuelo ami hermoso pais dando las gracias a Luci y su Familia por avernos atendido simpre de la mejor manera 100% recomendados los voy a extrañar
Mose Zamtaradze: Cheapest quality of the food and whole place is worthless
K P: Really good and super nice customer service
Jerry Foltz: This place was decent for shopping center Vietnamese/Chinese food. The atmosphere was not great. Table was a little dirty. Menu had the basics. Food was okay. Prices were fair. Service was quick. Waiter wasn't exactly a people person. Will I go back to this place? Doubtful. Life is too short.Dine in: Yes Outdoor seating: No Takeout: Yes …More
Charlie Lopez: Great Chinese & Vietnamese menu at very reasonable prices. Fast & courteous service.Dine in: Yes Takeout: Yes Curbside pickup: Yes …More
Rick Johnson: Love this place for their Vietnamese. The owner's are great too.
Amy Koons: The pho special and mango bubble tea were amazing!
Melisa: The food in this establishment has kept it's food tasting the same for years. I am never disappointed when I order here.
Anwar Williams: Food was okayDine in: Yes Outdoor seating: No Takeout: Yes Delivery: Yes Curbside pickup: Yes …More
Aly: Best Pho on the westside of Indy thus far. I went to Saigon which was my go to spot but realized they swapped owners as staff. Yikes. So I googled a few and found Sizzling Wok. The pho was very flavorful and I went back 3x in one week. That good!!! Sorry I ate the bowls every time and forgot to snap a pic. My som ordered sesame chicken which was also real good. I usually stay away from dishes that may have funny meat but it was definitely chicken. This is definitely my new go to spot. I know they close on Chinese New Year (multiple days) and America New Year day they were…. I respect that and will see them when they open back up.

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